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Geeky Jokes

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So, in this last podcast on bittorrent we were treated to a joke about cats going falling off roofs. Anyone got any other good geeky jokes? I'll start

What do you get when you cross a mouse and an elephant?

Mouse elephant sin theta.

What do you get when you cross a mosquito and a mountain climber?

You can't cross a vector and a scaler!

The geekiest joke I know:

So this guy is on a plane flying into Poland. Its mostly been an uneventful flight, but as they're passing by this city a group of poles who'd been working in Germany for a while realize its their home town and start to get excited. They had been sitting on the left part of the plane, but the city is off to the right and they start standing up and trying to look, then they start going into the aisle to get a better view. For some reason the plane starts to experience some turbulance here, but these guys aren't bothered and try to get an even better look, actually starting to lean over the seats of the passengers between them and the windows. The plane starts rocking back and forth really bad then, and it keeps getting worse until the captain gets on the intercomm and says "Please, will all the Poles return to the left half of the plane!"


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    This one is from Dominic Deegan:
    "knock knock"
    "Whose There?"
    "Interupting Coefiecent of Friction"
    "Interupting Coeficent of Fricti-
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