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Steam running in OSX

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So I just download CrossOver for mac, the beta version that came out today, and guess what was on the list of supported apps? STEAM! And half-life was on their too. Hopefully, it will let me run CS 1.6, since it's pretty much using the same engine. I'll report back on what works.


  • OMG! I just played half-life and CS 1.6 flawlessly on my macbook with CrossOver in OSX. It didn't even say it was compatible with CS and it worked anyway. Next thing is to try out online capabilities and CS: Source.
  • Oh mans, I have been wanting to get Steam for a while. Has anyone else tried this method? I don't want to get my hopes up too much...
  • Bootcamp.
    Bootcamp has always been a possiblity, but I would much rather be able to run Steam without having to dual-boot.
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    It's not that impossible, I've run quite a few Steam games in Wine for a while now.

    Random: I've just downgraded from the latest WINE to the Ubuntu version and TribesNext now works.
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