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Protein Bars & Supplements

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Power Bars are the most vile things in the world, hands down.

Really, if you want protein, lean red meat is the way to go. Additionally, cottage cheese is pretty damn good.

Beef jerky is an excellent way to go, but if you don't make your own, it gets expensive.


  • I don't care much for supplements, real food is good enough for my nutritional needs.
  • yeah ill eat some beef jerky over some power bar any day.
  • Old style power bars are pretty awful but clif bars are pretty okay. I packed a bunch of these during Otakon for when I didn't want to stop for a real meal. No matter what you eat, though, make sure you drink a lot of water whenever you eat any of those kinds of bars, otherwise the nutrition in it won't actually be absorbed by your system and it'll all just pass through.
  • Water is definitely key to nutrition.

    I also just bought a 5-pack of Power Bars, so you can see how much I really care about the taste of something.

    Honestly, the best source of protein is lean red meat. Chicken is almost as good, but for sheer quantity of protein, red meat ftw.
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    Cliff Bars are actually really useful on long range hiking trips with little time to stop and recharge.
    They're chock full of calories and have saved my ass from falling off the mountain many a time. Let me tell you though, don't wait so long that you end up trying one on an empty stomach
    Trust me, those things hit you like a rock.
    As far as lean meat goes, eat ostrich.
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  • I remember hearing that some protein bars put a strange berry in it that switches sweet and sour to make it taste decent.
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