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Wierd Russian Experiments of the 1940's Movie: Dog head staying alive, reviving dead animals

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This is one of the wierdest, cruelest things you will ever see. Don't stop watching. Go all the way through.

Personally, I think this is real.


  • I remember seeing this on Digg a little while ago. This kind of science get's dangerously close to the "Let's Boil a Monkey" line. I can see how this kind of research could potentially allow a person to be saved (put their head on ice until you can fabricate a prosthetic body a la GitS) but man, that's just weird.
  • From a purely scientist p.o.v. this is fascinating. It was research like this that helped develop the machine that we have today. I really don't want to get into the ethical aspect. Then again, it is better to start on an animal than a human.
  • It's weird. I could compare it to that one episode of Futurama. Anyway, I'm guessing it would be possible to use a human for this experiment, maybe even using artificial organs. Then we can all live forever. body sex. Well, by the time we get to that age, we probably won't give a shit about sex.
  • I've seen this one before. Personally, I think it's faked. It looks like a unhappy, sedated dog and a bit of creative split-screening.
  • Even if it is fake, scientists today could still pull the same thing off. But still, I think it's real, and actually simple enough to perform in that day and age.
  • Even if it is true I probably wasn't just the Russians, science did wome whacked out things in the 30s and 40s.
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