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GeekNights 20100928 - Monaco

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Tonight on GeekNights, we have Andy Schatz, the creator of the award-winning game Monaco. We skip on the news, since Civ V is out, and Napoleon yet lives.

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    • So how do I get Monaco?

      Anyway, beat a dead horse time. Although I found a lot of fault with the finale (the "oh, the hell with wrapping up loose ends" attitude did not sit well) I enjoyed the performances and writing of a majority of those 6 seasons of Lost. For those who scary figured out that the show didn't have as satisfying an end as it could have, I feel it's your loss that you weren't taken on the ride that others of us were.
    • So how do I getMonaco?
      Wait, and it will be yours.
    • So how do I getMonaco?
      Wait, and it will be yours.
      What's yours is mine.
    • Monaco is my favorite city-state in Civ V
    • This show made me nostalgic for X-COM. So I went and bought the Steam bundle. I have been playing the original for the last few days.
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      I love it when you guys do interviews with indie game developers. You should do that more often.
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    • A Monaco closed beta started today. This game may actually come out in the near future.
    • Anyone play this lately? My save game is bombed back almost to the start, and there's a new mode called "Zonaco." Yes, zombies. I haven't tried it yet.
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