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Deals and Steals

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So this thread is for asking for deals on items you are looking for. People can help the asker out by either selling the items they own or if they know someone or a website or something.

I am looking for a XBOX 360. I want one with a 20 gb hard drive. I want to pay a 100 total or less. I think it can be done. I checked with Gamestop and they do not buy systems and hard drives together. They will buy your 360 for 45 dollars and a 20 gb hard drive for 20. So it would be smarter for someone to sell it to a regular person or friend for more then they would get at Gamestop but less then the price Gamestop sells it for.


  • Well. I posted my need for a second XBOX 360 on my Facebook. In less then 30 mins I have one. Well, not in my hands yet. But in the next few hours I will. I got it for $80. It has a 20gb hard drive and HDMI cables. I would say that is Internet win.
  • Try Craigslist dude.
  • I got it in my hot and sweaty little hands! only 80 doll hairs!!!! 20 gb and hdmi! and wireless adapter! My friend's father boutght him a new one for getting clean from drugs. He was going to sell it to Gamestop. I convinced him not to. He got a good deal and I got a great deal!
  • So now that I have brought the PS3 back from the death, I am looking on upgrading my TV, currently I have a 32" Toshiba from about 10 years ago. I found this one in Newegg , this would be the first HDTV that I will buy on my own and I would like a little feedback regarding what is the best one out there for someone with a budget of less than $450 for a budget.
  • You know, you could always just get what you want for free. Just sayin'.
  • Can I use that at college yet?
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