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Yamodo: Party Time

edited November 2010 in Board Games
Nobody I know has played this game and that is a damn shame. I got a review copy at Toy Fair last year and have been playing it with friends both gamer and non-gamer alike, and it is an incredibly fun time. Allow me to give the elevator pitch:

Yamodo: Party Time starts very much like Apples to Apples. There is a rotating judge who reveals a word that all players must respond to, with the judge rewarding the best response with a point. The twist is that the word is always a complete gibberish bullshit word. Players are given 60 seconds to write a dictionary definition to this word and sketch an illustration of it. Obviously, the best way to score a point is to make the judge piss themself with laughter. If you have a good group (read: impossible to offend) this game will devolve into a session of writing and drawing the most hilariously inappropriate things from the darkest pits of the mind. God help you if one of the fictional words even so much as rhymes with a sex act or part of the human anatomy.

As far as party games go, this one takes the cake. Even if you are a stickler and say that all games must have some test of skill, this forces you to combine writing, drawing, and creativity at the same time. He who draws a penis does not always win. Your answer must also have whit and be well illustrated.
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