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What are your media habits?

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Do you usually finish a series straight through and ignore other series? Do you watch/read multiple series at a time? Talk to me here people.


  • When it comes to anime, I watch the whole thing at once. I can't be bothered to keep up with the new episodes.
    With TV shows, I only watch a few on TV. It's basically just Boardwalk Empire, the Walking Dead, South Park, Ugly Americans (because I watch all of them with a group of people), and How I Met Your Mother. Every other show I watch, I do so online.
  • Books: one book going on at a time and I try to read all books in series after each other if I can. Same with comic books.
    TV series and anime: I try to have one series going of at a time (on both categories, one anime one non-anime-TV). Sometimes I keep a break with a series and watch something else, but then usually other series goes on hiatus on my watching so I rarely juggle two series at a same time.
    Games: At least one game going on per system and usually multiple. It very rare for me to play one game from start to finish without playing lots of other games at some point. I just juggle games all the time.
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