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PS3 Local Multiplayer

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So, I got a second controller, and I'd like to get some more co-op/versus games for my PS3. What are your favourites?


  • Tales of Xillia is coming. Vesperia and Graces are out, but only in Japan.
    Not helping =P?
    I honestly can't think of anything that isn't very Japanese-y. But there's Uncharted 2, if you're into that. Co-op in that's supposed to be really good.
  • Little Big Planet, if that wasn't obvious enough.
  • ModNation Racers is pretty fun, but I haven't played anyone in multiplayer yet. I'm very new to he PS3 scene, so I'm not really knowledgable about the games yet.

    That being said, I already have 6 games and 3 controllers. I fucking love bundles.
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    I'm downloading the free Bomberman demo.
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  • Seconded for LittleBigPlanet. Other than that the only other game I've played co-op locally was Resident Evil 5. From what I've experienced, you're more likely to get good local co-op games from PSN. I highly recommend Super Stardust HD from that perspective.

    Of course I have played a lot of co-op with the various Rock Bands, but those are hard to do with two controllers.
  • Lord of the Rings: War In The North will be coming out on Feb. 1....its being made by the people who did Champions of Norrath, so you can expect co-op goodness there. If you can bear a bit of shooter, Borderlands is great for co-op...

    Thats about all that comes to mind, oh and of course, X-Men on PSN! :)
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