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Welcome to 2011

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Yay, that horrible year is gone. Appropriately, I ushered in 2011 by sitting at home with a cold, quietly celebrating with my sister and her boyfriend, having fun but feeling very lonely at the same time.

How was 2010 for you guys?


  • Actually, quite decent. Not putting up with bullshit emotional nonsense really made this one awesome (compared to previous years, at least).

    Here's hoping for a kickass 2011! *cheers*
  • This is bullshit:
  • Happy New Year!

    I ushered in the new year with friends and collegues on the Prinsendam, one of most frequented cruise ships. My room has shit air conditioning, and now I'm boiling.
  • I drank some plumb wine, played some Rock Band 3, dance some, had a great dinner at midnight and woke up without a hangover.
    So far so great! :D
  • Best party ever at my friend Ces place. You know a party is good when...well...once the vids are up that will speak way better than I can.
  • Played some Mario Kart, watched Die Hard and Star Wars, internetted, all with friends.
    2010 wasn't bad, but it wasn't too awesome either. Here's hoping for the new year.
  • Sup 2011, how's it hangin'?
  • Friends, Kinect, whiskey, gin, Zoolander, and Dick Clark. It was okay. New Year's seems to me to be a fairly arbitrary holiday with commercially-induced traditions.
  • I spent the eve' with my family, watching X-Files and football (American). It was pretty good.

    2011 is here, 2010 was a loser.
  • 2011 sounds good, I've got good people, a good setting, good education, and good times. And having regular makeouts is a definite plus.
  • Hung out at my favorite bar with a bunch of friends, then chilled out some more at a friend's place once the bars closed. Pretty low key and relaxed this time around, which I'm totally okay with. For me 2010 was a pretty great year, though not as good as 2009. As long as things go according to plan, 2011 is going to be the best.
  • I went to a buddies house and played some Apples to Apples, got pretty fucking drunk, and got a contact high from the party crashing stoners. Now a bad way to end what has been a pretty shitty year for me.
  • 2011 sounds good, I've got good people, a good setting, good education, and good times. And having regular makeouts is a definite plus.
    You lucky bastard, my girlfriend is in another city.
  • 2011 sounds good, I've got good people, a good setting, good education, and good times. And having regular makeouts is a definite plus.
    You lucky bastard, my girlfriend is in another city.
    I know, I sympathize with everyone who lives far away from their significant other. Although over all my school breaks I feel the pain you feel most of the school year, so I can empathize to an extent. These past two weeks have been awful, though I know it's nothing to complain about given how you live your life.
  • I celebrated by working and dealing with drunks, bad drivers and bar brawlers. Happy 2011!
  • There's not much of a celebration this year. My mom has been depressed lately (Christmas and New Years were not the same, yada yada) and basically ran errands all day until she went to babysit. I wonder if my family's problems are far bigger than I thought.

    My day was spent watching The Three Stooges and the Muppet Show, on top of all the chores I had to do. It was, at least, not dull.
  • Last night I hung out with some friends, played Bananagrams, watched Pirate Radio, went down to the beach for the countdown, then played some Kirby Air Ride before heading home while blasting "Dance Yrself Clean" by LCD Soundsystem. Today I went to my friend's New Year's Day party he has every year, ate really good food, played the gift game, ate more good food, then watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Pretty decent new year so far.
  • Went to my friend's yearly bash at his place. Lots of good food and gaming. I played Bananagrams, Villa Palleti, Citadels, 7 Wonders, and showed my vocals at Rock Band. Good times all around.

    So far I've start organizing and cleaning the living room. Now, I must tackle my computer area and organize my comics and manga. Ugh. My motivation not so good.
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    My Grandma died, so the guys took me out shooting and drinking during the day. Three Lads, three cartons of beer, three pump actions, my Lever action, plenty of ammo, and two massive boxes of skeet(skeetskeet). I did put my shotgun and lever action back, under protest. Probably for the best, I think the people I live with would be a little unnerved if I just had a mossberg sticking out of the umbrella stand or some shit. I also discovered I can still shoot skeet with a rifle. Sweet.
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  • Were you shooting and drinking at the same time?
  • Were you shooting and drinking at the same time?
    Do you mean in general, or specifically beer in one hand, firing weapon with the other?

    Also, Yes.
  • Let's see. New Years Eve began with a 12 hour plane ride from San Francisco (with a layover in DC), followed by a frenzy of cleaning and ice-making when I got home. A bunch of friends from Rochester came down to the city, and we had a bit of a party. We stumbled up to the roof at five minutes to midnight, and in lieu of a countdown (because nobody had a watch with a second hand that was accurate) we waited for the church bells to sound. Much champagne was had as we climbed down from the roof and journeyed to the subway.

    We took the train into the chaos of Manhattan, and stopped by a party in the Bowery. Classy jazz, '20's attire, my kind of thing. After being there a while, we decided to walk to another party (near Grand Central), while singing New Years songs to the bulging crowds. Some food was had, some people made out, some homeless guys joined in our songs. Only one of our party was drunk to the point of belligerence (at one point, we wanted to take the 6 train, and he nearly refused, saying we should take an express train instead. We were going four stops).

    At dawn, we stumbled back to Brooklyn, climbed into bed, and slept through most of Saturday.
  • I choose to view my New Year's Eve celebrations as a wake for 2010, because damn, mistakes were made and I don't want to view it as representative of the coming year.

    Arrive at a party late and play catch-up by drinking too fast and you will spend two days wallowing in regret. Absoloodle.
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