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GeekNights 20110104 - Super Meat Boy



  • No it was not that obvious to me. Maybe you shouldn't waste time pointing out obvious things on your podcast if you are so surprised by this.
    Or we should do more stating of the obvious because captain obvious isn't doing his job lately.
  • I think that having no checkpoints in a game like Meat Boy is perfectly fine, it fits with the game and the very quick levels. However, I very much endorse heavy checkpointing in most modern games because, for example, I am not playing Red Dead Redemption for its shooting mechanic. It's a fine shooting mechanic and all, but it's the characters and the story that pull me in, and so if I fail past a certain point of a mission in Red Dead, having me retry the mission from the beginning is just annoying.
  • Yeah, my little brother was playing MP3: Corruption last night, making his way to the final boss. He played through the entire boss world level to reach that boss, and there were no savepoints. He got toasted by the boss's final form, and had to restart the entire level.

    Game designers often do not account for the fact that this type of thing is not a challenge, but rather a reason to put down the game and stay away.
  • During the episode you talked about an "ideal" keyboard with an analog stick for playing games. At least I think it was this episode. I believe you want this.
  • During the episode you talked about an "ideal" keyboard with an analog stick for playing games. At least I think it was this episode.I believe you want this.
    Not enough buttons.
  • JayJay
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    Not enough buttons.
    Really? I have played Battlefield 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum on this and can preform all tasks. Since I play Battlefield 2 online I suspect playing games like LFD2 would be no more complicated. I attempted to figure out a scheme for SC2 on this and failed miserably. No surprise though RTSs require far to many shortcuts. For most shooters though, with this keyboard and a 6 button mouse you should have enough buttons to accomplish any required task with buttons to spare. The keyboard may not have enough buttons to play shooters that have 0-9 assigned to 10 different weapons though. I have yet to attempt playing such a shooter on the G13 yet. Nothing has come out recently that requires it. Perhaps NS2 will.
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