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Advice: Need a laminator

So, this one secretary in our main office at the school is on some kind of retarded power trip and won't let me use the laminator. She allows me to give her things to laminate, and then wait around for her to get things back to me. Normally, this would be acceptable, but she so severely cocked up the artwork I gave her to laminate, and still refused to JUST FUCKING LET ME DO IT I'M NOT A GODDAMNED CHILD that I have decided to buy one for my room with school funding.
I want to be able to laminate small stuff, 15" at the largest, and have a relatively dense lamination on whatever I put through. The current machine uses very thin plastic to laminate, and it sort of sucks ass. It peels off easily, bends and crinkles, and doesn't look very flat.
I certainly don't want to give her student art work because she will definitely do what she did with mine, IE: trim bits off accidentally, try to scotch tape open ends closed, put them in the laminator too early, etc.
Have any of you ever purchased one (even a smaller one) or could you make some recommendations?
EDIT: Holy fuck. Looks like I'll have to look for something smaller, since most 15" laminators are awfully expensive.
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