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iOS Game Center club - Friendly competition -

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Anyone interested in sharing Game Center Id's and maybe starting up a weekly competition? Given that the games are dirt cheap it's not too much of an investment.

Any type of game (shooter, puzzler, platformer) is fine, as long as it competes on score, not achievements.

Any takers?


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    I have added 'Game Center' to IDShare.

    EDIT - Lol, ok, IDshare has it's own tab, nice. I'm blind.
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  • OK, I'm giving this one another quick shot. With added incentives!

    The name of the game is "Silverfish". It's basically Snake on steroids. $2. I have tried it once, it seems like a fun, quick play arcade game.

    REAPER MODE - This is the mode we will play. (for now)

    SO... If anyone wants to add my Gamecenter ID (Under IDShare) and can beat my score (when I start playing this afternoon), I will send you some sweet sweet candy direct from NZ. Something I guarantee you have never tried.

    You have one week from this post.

    That's all.
  • I'm in, finally get some use out of this Gamecenter ID
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    Sweet, I better get on it.

    Unfortunately, I could not erase my current high score (even though when I removed the app, it SAID it would delete my gamecenter score), but I got that after only a couple of tries, I plan to obliterate that shortly which will make it a moot point.

    Good luck!

    Edit: Just got 1.3 mil. It's all you now :)
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  • Fark dude... 2.5 mil?

    You must want them tasty treats pretty bad. I'll see what I can rack up tomorrow.

  • I see you have joined me in the 2.5 mil club

    Now we got a competition
  • Yeah but your 2.5 mil > my 2.5 mil :/

    Time to sneak off to the bathroom for a sesh, lol.
  • And it’s all over folks, thanks for coming, 3.6 mil takes it in Silverfish.

    The candy is safe at last.

    Mataman and Kitsune (and anyone else) – Keep an eye out for any cool game centre games and as soon as you realise that it could be a good game to compete with, post it here ASAP and cease playing. =)

    The type of game we want to play:

    1. Quick play. Game should ideally take no more than 5-10 minutes per game.
    2. Score attack! No achievements, no levels, no BS. Score baby, score.
    3. Cheap - $1 or $2. Unless it’s an amazing game…

    That’s it, hope to see you in round 2 soon.

    My offer still stands, next game club if anyone can beat me, they shall receive a high calorie parcel. Of destiny.

    Fluttershy FTW.
  • Yeah but your 2.5 mil > my 2.5 mil :/

    Time to sneak off to the bathroom for a sesh, lol.
    Nothing like earning a few hemorrhoids on your way to iOS success.
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