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A few fans of the Warhammer 40k tabletop wargame have recently started throwing together a little source game based on the battles of space marines and giant bugs. It's an FPS called Exterminatus: Rival Species, and it is currently in open beta. The game shows some potential in my opinion, and is probably the best FPS representation of Space Marines that I have encountered. There is however one problem, we don't have enough people playing it right now to get a decent game in. If you have steam and any source game, Exterminatus is free to play, so come on down and purge the Xenos scum!


  • Holy shit, this is going to get killed so fast by GW.

    Downloading for the emprah.
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    Downloading for the emprah.
    Psyceing out my opponents in the Rover Car Rally one year - flying around corners at way to high of a speed with my naviguesser and I roaring in unison "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!"

    Nearly ran into a tree coasting back to the "Garage"(read, open field where our tools were) after the finish line, when someone screamed back "PURGE THE HERETICS IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR!"

    Downloading now.
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    Oh my god I hope they have assault cannons.

    EDIT: Oh god those bolter models are sexy.
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  • I am skeptical as to the completeness of this game although I have a tentative boner for the concept.

    Furthermore, Goldeneye Source has shown me that free SDK based games can be terrific.
  • I played a little bit just to test out the controls and such. It's definitely incomplete. I am also skeptical as to its awesomeness.

    Somebody should just mod Tribes 2 and make it into 40k. I've always thought that T2's loadout system and armor classification would be perfect for 40k.
  • It's definitely unfinished, tyranid movement and animations are getting a revamp soon, and the developer is adding genestealers as a class. Warriors will be made more shooty at the expense of their choppiness, Lictors will have a limit on their invisibility time, and zoanthropes are likely to be removed altogether. All tyranids except the carnifex will get a speed and jumping boost.

    The basic bolter will have its rate of fire increased and it's recoil reduced, and the special classes will likely come down in cost. Terminators are on the way, likely replacing the veteran as the space marine's cc unit. It has a long way to go, but we need more beta testers to make it happen. Go to the developer's homepage and please leave your feedback.
  • I have yet to see another playing on any server, ever.
  • This just feels like a really bad version of NS2. Sorry dude.
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