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Game Advice Needed: Humans Vs Zombies

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I have a couple of quandaries that I hope you guys can help me solve.
In about a month, I'll be running a game of Humans Vs Zombies on my college campus. It's going to run for five days (wed-sun) with nearly 300 players. I have two very big concerns regarding this game.

Players that are human (not zombies) will be allowed to use nerf guns. That being said, I'm afraid of little foam darts being left around campus, causing a problem with Physical Plant Management. I've read solutions such as making a rule for zombies to pick up any foam darts/socks they see and taking them to designated ammo drops, but our campus is LARGE. It's bigger than disneyland. I can probably arrange multiple locations for ammo drops, but that doesn't solve the problem of incentive. I want the zombies to want to drop the ammo in the boxes, but the system I'm using is the stock HVZ system, so I can't really configure any special rewards. Next semester, when I can request an official school subdomain and server, I can install a more sophisticated game system, but for this semester I'm stuck.

Second conundrum: I want as many people to be able to play as possible, however, I need the players to sign and submit their liability waivers. They'll be able to do so at the player orientation session, but for the players that can't make it, I'd like a way for them to submit it in a verifiable manner. I was thinking they could take a picture of their signed form with their drivers license, but it's not very elegant.



  • We had it last fall except we aren't aloud to even have anything that shoots projectiles, so we had to throw marshmallows at the zombies. Maybe you guys could use marshmallow guns or even cheap shitty airsoft guns (if allowed) with biodegradable bb's. I would say squirt guns or super soakers but I think that might be bad since you could ruin someones stuff with it.
  • I would say that putting the liability form online would be the easiest way for others to get at it and still have the binding form. As for the weapons, we used plastic spoons when I was in high school and were not allowed nerf.
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