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Looking For Russian Speakers/Gardeners/Bontanists

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A friend of mine gave us seeds from Russia, and I can't contact of him to figure out what they are.


Any ideas?


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    Magic beans from the Baba Yaga's cemetery garden. Be very, very careful.
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    While I can't read Russian, I read Cyrillic, which may help you figure out what these are. I'll get back on this in a bit.
    EDIT: First Image (ish) Maybe Churba or Lackofcheese can do you better.
    AS Selekcuonno-semenoeodcheskaya furma
    Proeoreno gosins__k_riyuj(not really clear)
    Roenuca oi(r)m
    Moskva, ul, adm. Makaroia,
    d. 37, kor. 1 (st. m, Vodibli stadion) tel./faks (495) 159-99-81
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    My friend says it's some kind of red pepper, "good for ground meat".
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    Yeah, it's a red pepper. The name translates directly into something like "ruby pepper", although you could call it a "Rubin pepper" for the lulz, as the Russian word for "ruby" transliterates roughly into "rubin" ^_~
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