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Settlers of Catan: Cities & Knights

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I was teaching my friend how to play Settlers yesterday.It was close, but he won. I opened up the expansion box, Cities & Knights, and another friend came over. We all played that for the first time. the newcomer won again, and it was close. I had like, two Metropoli. Yet, he was a winner. I think he'll really like it now. I have to teach the new rules to my father and brother. They will dig it.

It's good. You guys have tried it, yeah?


  • I think I own about all non-5-to-6 player expanions for Catan, and then some. Which really just comes down to 5 boxes I think. I personally like Cities & Knights best, mostly because there's a ton of shit to do and even then you lose.
  • I played Cities and Knights once. During that game one of the players gave all his goods to a female player and griefed it. I haven't played it again.
  • I <3 playing Cities and Knights with 5-6 people. The deception, secret alliances, the betrayals, and doing everything to win while cracking jokes the entire time. Our most common phrase said in the game is "I ain't got nut'en but mutton", primarily used to answer any question on what resources we have.
  • I brought this expansion, played it twice (once more just to be sure).

    Without exception, we (all 5 of us) hated it. It was confusing, drawn out and well, just plain boring. Both games took around 4 hours. Lack of grain meant you cant activate your knights and die horribly. In fact, we really couldn't even figure out how the knights really worked. How can you bump a knight? And more importantly, why?

    Not understanding the rules is not an excuse to label it a bad game, I realise that. However, the game DOES typically run into may hours. For a game based on luck (dice) it was really boring for the player who was behind and knew that could never catch up.

    I would rather play Puerto Rico or Agricola or any of those games over 1 game of C+K.

    FYI, I LOVE original Catan. Just feels right.
  • However, the game DOES typically run into may hours.
    That's weird. It doesn't take that much longer, if at all, than just basic Catan. They're both listed as taking approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Cities and Knights gives a lot more options to gather victory points, whereas basic Catan mostly just ends due to development cards' victory points.
  • Just play Puerto Rico.
  • Just play Puerto Rico.
    100% this. Just do it. Don't even think about it.
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