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Games and DLC and why I don't buy games on day one anymore.

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I have a lot of video games to play and lots of really fun games i want to buy that I really want to play like Dragon Age 2, Fallout New Vegas and a few others. However, because these games are single player and will have DLC released for them, I've decided I can wait till the game of the year edition comes out about a year or so later and play the compete version. I was so burned having played Fallout 2 on day one only to find my friend playing it a year later, playing a game that looked completely different as the game of the year edition with all the DLC included for around 30 dollars. What really peeves me is DLC that adds content that takes place before the end of the game and allows you to "go back in time" to complete it. Why would I care to do this after I beat the game? While I see the appeal for some people to complete this stuff, I have way too much going on to actually have time to go back to a game I've completed. So now I wait a year or more sometimes to play the popular American RPG's that I have grown to love over the years. I had expected to have to do with with the Witcher 2 which I really enjoyed the first game in the series, only to do a quick search today to find out that DLC will be free, any paid content will be an expansion pack This I can get behind. I'd rather pay additionally for a more full experience then to get hit with 5 or 10 dollars over time for a few hours of game play every few months. Guess Witcher will get my full money upfront. *buys it today*


  • What he said. Minus the Witcher part.
  • This is a totally valid reaction to the pricing of singleplayer only games.
  • Thats pretty much how I feel. I mean hell I waited to get borderlands and got the game and all the DLC for like $7. I have more games than anyone I know, so I'm never really in need of a new game. I really only buy new games either because they are really cheap, or I had been wanting the game for a while. I haven't beaten all of my games and went to the store to get a new one since I was probably 12. Besides games with DLC, I wait for most games to get cheap and buy them when they're like $20 or less. Except for Wii games or really popular multiplayer games like BLOOPS, most games get cheap pretty damn fast, so I can wait.
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