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The amazing world of gumball

edited June 2011 in Manga/Comics
I am so indifferent to this show that it's cosmic.
The art style tries so hard to be different between characters but it just doesn't work.
The writing is nothing special but it thinks it is.

I have no want to watch it but I still do, maybe I just hope I'll see a new character I like.
I dunno, does anyone else watch every new show that comes out by CN or is it just me?


  • So indifferent you posted about it ^_^
  • So indifferent you posted about it ^_^
    I have to talk about EVERY new CN show I watch
  • But do you have to keep creating a new thread about it? Seriously dude, you could have easily posted about it in the TV shows you are watching thread and be done with it.
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