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I can't find this anime!

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Hi guys,

I'm writing to you from Germany, so sorry for bad grammar. Well a long time ago, 1996/97/98, I saw an anime on cartoon network. Now it was about robots (what else) that would fight and some kids would control the robot's. Now every now and then this mysterious robot came rolled in (literally rolled) and saved the day! Now I don't know much more so if one of you know what I mean than please tell me.

Thanks in advance!


  • Sorry...You really need to narrow it down more. There are like 80 bijillion robot anime out there. If you want someone to tell you about it you have to decribe the plot and the main characters...what it was about?
  • Well, I don't really remember. But I just know the main robot was orange and so was the suit of the boy. And the robot hat always rolled in was white I think. And no one knew who was in the robot. I hoped that the fact it was on cartoon network a long time ago would help.....
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    Were there any combining robots in the show? Do you remember what the villians were?
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  • I don't think the robots combined. Except the one that rolled in obviously. No and I don't remember any villains, sorry.
  • Dude I'm sorry but you have got me completely stumpped.

    Here is a link to a list of just about EVERY show that has been shown on Cartoon Network.
  • Well I didn't find anything. Might have just not been the right pictures. Well thanks for the help. I will go explore on the internets. But I would still be happy if you or someone else could find it and tell me !
  • Is there any other info you can give us? Do you remember any attacks? Was the kid IN the robot or did he control it from the outside? Also was anyone controlling the white robot or did the Orange one throw the white one? How many robots were in the show that you can remember. Could you be thinking of Ronin Warriors?
  • Attacks: I think he punched and shot..
    Controls: The boy was in the robot.
    YOu didn't know who controled the white one or if he was controled.
    More than one robot I think.
    No it was not Ronin Warriors because the kid was in a real big robot.

    Thanks that you are helping me!
  • Can you be more specific on the controls. Did the boy sit in a cockpit with hand controls? Was he standing up in a suit?
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    Did the robot transform in ANY way?
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  • I think the robot only could fly. About the contorls im not sure, I think he was in a suit standing up.
  • I also know that it was a "bad" anime in the sence that it was drawn old (not like yu-gi-oh where everything is shiny).
  • You are not thinking of the below Power Ranger Robot are you?

    Red Battle Zord thingy
  • No, they didn't transform together and I know it wasn't power rangers ;)
  • Okay....was the robot all orange? Where there any other colors mixed in?
  • The robot was orange white and grey I think. I also know that you never knew if the white robot was really good because he sometimes did "bad" stuff.
  • Wait, he's in Germany. Maybe it was a show on CN in Germany that wasn't on in the US.
  • No I was in Saudi Arabia at that time and saw an CN in English.
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    Wait, he's in Germany. Maybe it was a show on CN in Germany that wasn't on in the US.
    I already considered that, plus the wikipedia list contains shows in other contries as well. I'm thinking that it might be one of the Super Robot Shows from the 70's/80's. Still digging.
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  • Seriously, I was in Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh and saw CN over satellite in English.
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    It wasn't the Centurions was it? Holy crap I do believe I am grasping at straws now.
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  • I loved the Centurions. I think I still have an old plastic Centurions Halloween costume in my parents basement. The toys were pretty great, always attaching weapons and things to places they didn't belong.
  • God I can't tell you how much I love that show (still)!
  • The Centurians...ah childhood memories. They were really cool except for the blatant anti-cyborg discrimination :-P
  • I dressed up as one of them for Halloween when I was young ^_^
  • I also watched that show when I was young. The one episode that really sticks out in my mind, though, was when the two cybernetic halves of Doc Terror and Hacker merged to create a completely robotic nemesis, Uniborg, one who was not afraid to take the one further step necessary for greatness.

    I never could take Doc Terror too seriously, or many other villains for that matter, and now I knew why. They are all too cowardly to cross the line, to do what is necessary to achieve dominion over whatever world or resource is in question. They too, are reluctant to enter where angels and demons fear to tread, and cannot summon the courage to leave their mark upon history.
  • What about Megatron?
  • Not bad, though a little on the lenient side. He should have just killed Starscream and kept Soundwave, quite possibly one the most useful and effective henchmen ever.
  • Not bad, though a little on the lenient side. He should have just killed Starscream and kept Soundwave, quite possibly one the most useful and effective henchmen ever.
    Nah, despite Starscream being crazy, he's also a genius and very powerful. That's why Megatron kept him so close. Besides Shockwave, Megatron is the only one who could keep Starscream under control. The alternative would have been to leave Starscream on Cybertron and bring Shockwave in his place. If he did that, then his missions would all have been successful, but StarScream would have been the invincible king of Cybertron.

    By the way, Shockwave is the best Tranformer, period.
  • In short Kiwi_bird I'm not so sure I'm going to be able to find the anime you are lookikng for. Sorry man.
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