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Cross-stich iPhone cover

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This amuses me. It's a fun idea.


More here.


  • That is pretty awesome. I would be interested in doing that, but I feel I probably would end up being lazy.
  • I would so do this if I had an iPhone.
  • That's gorgeous! My girlfriend is going to die when she sees this.
  • FYI, my case came into the mail yesterday. I'm currently working on finishing a painting project, but I will be getting several colors of thread/floss and start working on my own design. I made it last night. :3
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    I ordered this one for her last night:
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  • So I emailed the website that sells the cross-stitch covers to see if they are ever going to get one for the iPhone 5. Here is his reply:
    Thank you for interested DIY case.
    I expect to sell iphone 5 case end of this month.
    Please wait it.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,
    I figured he just typed out the reply in Korean and copy/pasted the translation, but if this is true I'm very excited.

  • YES! they are finally available for purchase!

    Oh mans, I so know what I'm going to design for my new case.
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