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Legend of Fae

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My friend and co-worker Carolina Moya (Mankoon of the FRC forum) of Endless Fluff (and of course Muse Games) has released her personal indie project, Legend of Fae, on Steam! It's on sale for $8.99 for the rest of the week, and it made the top page! This slashdotted her forums! I've played it, it's a fun little RPG along the lines of Puzzle Quest, which looks deceptively casual but actually is nice and challenging in later levels. Go check it out!


  • Oh yeah, Mankoon... I guess that's where she's been.
  • Got the game to support the FRC Forumites! It's too bad we don't see Mankoon around lately.

    As for the game, I've made it through the first 3 levels and down the first boss. I like how the game is fairly simple to learn and play, but has a bit of challenge in making sure you have each of your elemental meters up to be prepared for the next encounter. I like how you can select what element to upgrade vs others. The elementals are beyond cute.

    So far it's a pretty cool game. You were right about it being deceptively casual but there is some challenge.

    As a side note if Mankoon ever reads this, make sure she adds a image of the game when you add it on your wishlist on Steam. It didn't show an image but just a blank box with "?".
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