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Burning Apocalypse Con



  • I wonder if anyone in this thread met me last year? I was the younger british guy.
  • One Cool Thing I Saw at Burning Apocalypse Con
  • Hey, that's the guy in the hoodie who I spotted and followed. :p
  • I bumped into Luke at The Compleat Strategist on Thurs night before Burning Con started and we had a nice chat. I love how Burning Con takes the "hardcore only, others need not apply" stance, as the worst parts of gaming always revolve around rules explanations and hand holding. Unfortunately, this rules me out for RPGs!

    Interesting part of the convo was that there may be a beginner's event at some point, but with very little focus on hand holding. The gist of it would be a role-player's boot camp where newbies could learn from a seasoned GM and then be thrown right into the fire to start honing their skills. As Rym & Scott pointed out in their interview podcast, there's not many opportunities like this for the 20-something who has never GMed before, and as Luke pointed out to me (and I wholeheartedly agree having read the books), anyone can run a Mouse Guard session.
  • If you don't have a group (or don't have a group interested in the games you want to run, it happens), gaming meetups and small local cons work really well for GMing practice.

    Honestly, Burning Apocalypse Con was an excellent place to find knowledgable players who are happy to help make your game awesome if you're a new GM.
  • My joke (2:56-3:07) didn't make it into the frame. Poo.
  • I say "ummm" a lot... I'm the british guy near the end.

    Thanks for putting this up!
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