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Any suggestions for a good pair of earphones?

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Hi all,

I'm in the market for a new pair of earphones/buds. The current earbuds I use are those small little Sony ones I use, which I love, but I'm tired of the rubber tips always popping off the buds and getting lost.

Does anyone have any good suggestions or recommendations for a good (and relatively cheap) pair of earphones or buds? I tend to prefer earbuds over regular earphones because I refer something smaller that isn't molded so I can wrap it up or fold the cord, so it can fit easily in my pocket or bad.



  • There are so many.

    I've been using Sony $30 ones for a while now. I haven't had the problem of the rubber tips falling off, however I tend to keep them in the small pouch the product came with.
  • Thanks for the links!

    I don't know how it happens, but I always end up losing the little plastic capsule-thing that you're supposed to put the buds into. I love them though; Great sound quality and pretty decent noise cancellation/reduction too.
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    I use a Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Good fucking headphones, these.
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  • Well, it depends on what you mean by "relatively cheap." I'm used to the audiophile world where a pair of headphones that runs $150 or even $200 and doesn't need an amp is relatively cheap. If that's what you mean, you probably want to look into the Shure line, and have a look at for more good reviews. For headphones, look at the Grado line for rock, AKG for bass-heavy stuff, and Sennheiser for classical stuff. Also, Audio-Technica is great if you need closed headphones, and are willing to spend just a bit more than for the HD280's. The HD 280 Pro blew my mind when I upgraded from crummy throw-in headphones, but it's definitely lacking some midrange energy and bass oomph. Right now I love my Grado 225's; they're the least bright Grados in the line, which is a good thing.
  • If you are going for can's i recommend the Sennheiser HD201's. They are an amazing pair of entry level headphones that perform better than most models around $100. Especially if you are not using a headphone amp. They are around $25-$30.
  • I'm not really much of an audiphile. Just looking for a relatively durable, noise reduction, comfortable set of earbuds that I can stash in my pocket or bag when I'm not using them. Ideally, I'd like something in the $30-$50 range, but some of the Etymotic buds looks pretty cool.
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    Noise reduction is hard to find at a price that low, I think. Personally, I use a pair of $20 Phillips headphones for when I'm outdoors or at the gym or something. Not noise cancelling, but they do the job well. These are the kind that have clips that go over your earlobes as opposed to a big plastic/metal headband part, but they're not earbuds (I hate earbuds myself -- can never keep them in my ears).

    I also use a $20 pair of regular Sony headphones for my computer. Nothing fancy, but it works. My fanciest pair of headphones would be some $70 folding Sennheiser noise-cancelling ones, but I only use them when traveling.
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  • What do people use while exercising when earbuds aren't an option? I ask because I hate just about every earbud I've tried.
  • What do people use while exercising when earbuds aren't an option? I ask because I hate just about every earbud I've tried.
    I have a speaker mounted to my bike.
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    Sport headphones do exist. They clip over the ear and wrap around the back of the head.
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  • Sport headphones do exist. The clip over the ear and wrap around the back of the head.
    Yep, this describes the $20 Phillips headphones I use, although mine don't wrap around the back of the head. Works pretty well.
  • Very specific question: Has anyone tried or own Etymotic ER-4P's?

    I originally had CX300's. When they wore out I upgraded to a pair of Shures (can't remember which model, one of the better ones I think) and after THOSE wore out, I settled on my current Etymotic HF3's which I ADORE.

    They are light, comfortable and (to me) sound really nice.

    My question is, can anyone tell me if it is worth upgrading to ER-4P's when these ones finally die, or more likely, upgrade to ER-4P's for listening at home, and keep the HF3's for out and about.

    Are they worth the extra expense? Is the sound *that* much better to justify an extra $200US??

    Tell me.... :)
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