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Uninterruptable Power Supp-

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A couple of nights ago, I was reminded rather abruptly that "Hey, Your computer doesn't have a battery built into it anymore" thanks to some electrical noise.

My tower uses a Corsair TX650. I know a 650W+ UPS is ideal, but what wattage UPS can I get away with to give my computer enough time to hibernate?


  • Don't go too cheap dude. The way those thing usually work, even if you have electricity and it's not out, if the UPS is not powerful enough it won't even charge up much less give you the extra time for powering down. You should get what is recommended.
    I don't know a lot about them, but my friend had the problem I just described, and had to keep just the PC on it, no monitor or anything else.
  • Get the largest CyberPower UPS you can afford. I have a 1350AV, I need to get another one for the server.
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    Not knowing anything in particular about a UPS, but knowing electronics I thing you're asking the wrong question. You likely need a UPS that has at least the sum wattage of all the devices on it, and stores watt hours equivalent to that wattage x time you need to turn things off. Or I guess if it tells you that it will run at load for long enough. So at least 650 watt + wattage of your monitor? I guess you could get away with the actual running wattage of your computer but that seems unwise.
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  • I have an APC Back-UPS ES 750. I have no complaints. It's terrific. The software is also good. The only problem with it is that the software activates the UAC every time you login to Windows. It even tells me useful things like the fact that the UPS is currently providing 99 watts of power, and I can connect more devices because the max is 450. It also tells me that my UPS emits 2.88 lbs of CO2 per day at a cost of $.25 per day and 2.376 kWh per day. Also the battery can last 18 minutes if the power goes out. And it has a USB cable so that it will automatically tell my computer to shut down if the power does go out. It also will not emit its very loud alarm if it is late at night.
  • It also will not emit its very loud alarm if it is late at night.
    This. Get this feature.
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