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Audacity, or why I can't record

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I need help bigtime. Now, I'm not internet or computer stupid, but I'm not super freaking smart.

For an unknown reason, my microphone is not working.

It's a Logitech mic/headphone combo, it's properly plugged in. As far as I can see with about every setting on my recording program (Audacity) properly set. My microphone settings on my computer are properly set. I've googled. I've troubleshot. I cannot figure it out.

Please help or tell me if it's hopeless.


  • Try rolling back the drivers on your soundcard. I had the same problem a week ago, the mic on my headphones stopped working after I got the new drivers so I couldn't take to my clanmates on ventrilo even though all my settings were right.
  • Forget Audacity for a moment. Can you record with any other software? Can you record with "Windows recorder?" Don't bother even mentioning Audacity until you've determined if the problem lies there or elsewhere.

    Is it a USB microphone or a real one? The former often requires drivers and will generally be a pain in the ass. The latter will just work, unless:

    Is your software mixer configured properly? Have you set your microphone/line/whatever the mic is plugged into as the capture device? Try unmuting it and see if you can hear your voice through the speakers.

    When troubleshooting a problem like this, you have to apply basic problem solving skills. Audacity is very high up in the chain of possible problems, so why start there? Start by verifying that your hardware actually works. Then try the hardware's interface with your computer (the software mixer and possibly drivers). Then, test it in several different applications. Just telling us that Audacity doesn't work doesn't give us enough information to help you at all.
  • Do you have Skype running at the same time? If so, that's why it won't record. If you're trying to do a podcast with Skype, you need two computers. Just a guess...
  • Following Ryms advice is the best solution here. Does the headset wire have a disk that clips onto your belt? If it does the volume functions are on that disk. The middle button is the mute button (flashing = mute, solid light = on).
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    Thanks, I have a good idea what I need to do. I'll just scamper off and fix my problem.
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  • I would bet you that it's a Windows issue.
  • She's going to torture us and not tell us what it was! :(
  • She's going to torture us and not tell us what it was! :(
    I hate when people do that.
  • This could also be a stupid hardware setup that I spent some time figuring out myself: I have a microphone input both at the back and front of the computer, and the default hardware settings only allow me to use the one in the front. Try both if you have two.
  • Okay. The problem?

    (dramatic pause)

    My mic's jack is dead.

    The end.
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