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It's late to be posting this, but people should check out the kickstarter for Bhaloidam. It's an indie storytelling RPG/Boardgame/something; I'm not really certain how to describe it. I saw the creator speak at PAX 2010, and really enjoyed his ideas, so I've been following since. I played in one of his demo sessions last night, and it was fantastic - The central concept is that you get 'sentences' which correspond to your actions in game. It's a mild form of structure, with the right level of randomness, towards progressing your storytelling. Played either with a 'Weaver' (DM) or just 'Spinners' (players), and set the scenario as they wish; I played a competitive combat simulation, but it easily works just as well for cooperatively running an adventure, with each player taking turns as the gameworld you're opposing.

The kickstarter is almost funded now; It looked, for a bit, like it wasn't going to finish, but a last-minute surge has it at the doorstep of completion. You guys should shell out (even $9 buys you a PDF of the rulebook and the tokens, boards, etc. are open-source build-your-own) a few bucks to help it reach it's goal.


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    The central concept is that you get 'sentences' which correspond to your actions in game.
    There's an indie RPG called "Polaris" that does something like this. Combat is "fought" by using key phrases, and certain phrases can only be used in response to certain other phrases. This sounds like it's more of a blank setting, though, which would be cool.
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