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QR+vCard Business cards

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I'm trying to make a .VCF file with my contact info in it that I can put on my website and then link to it via a QR code on my physical buisness card.

Things I've run into:
1)vCards have the TZ attribute for time zone but I can't find out what the correct format for it is, as in: GB or BST etc..
2)Working out how to use .htacess to make sure wordpress doesn't override and instead delivers the file directly.
3)Will need to test if X-Skype and X-Google-Talk attributes work on Droods and iPons.
4)Also, is there an attribute that is effectively X-Facebook?

Edit: Facebook should be fine with just the email.


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    Why not just use the standard contact integration in QR codes?
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  • 1) If you want to put in a more than about four lines worth of info, those get big to the point that they can be hard to read.
    2) I can update the VCard whenever I want and don't have to change the physical card.
  • Spends day researching .vcf syntax.
    Android exports contacts as .vcf.

    Android can't import .vcf files. [Still looking into it.]

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