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Thoughts on Google's Schemer?

Incidentally, I have ~20 invites to the beta, in case anyone's interested...

I actually kind of like the idea, though I've already seen about twenty copies of each "goal." Seems like a combination public bucket list/life achievement system. Maybe useful inspiration to get off the internet from time to time and do something new?


  • I don't completely understand what it is, but hit me with an invite...? :3
  • Huh, okay, so apparently invites are just by posting a link... So click until I run out!
    Invites Ahoy!
  • I don't completely understand what it is, but hit me with an invite...? :3
    I don't quite get it myself, though I've been using it since this morning.
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    It looks like a roundabout way to put you in touch with people who are doing something that you're interested in doing, or have already done it themselves and can give you guidance.
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  • Haha, just saw "learn how to make my own beer at home" with a picture of Pete next to it.
  • I've got my priorities in order.
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    "Welcome churba! Let's find you some diabolical stuff to do!"
    Oh Google, you really know how to capture my heart.
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  • I am game. This seems like it could be interesting.
  • I'd take an invite. I need a project for winter break.
  • It looks nice, but I'm not sure how useful it will be.
  • If you've still got invites, I'd like to give it a shot.
  • There's some perks to working where I do.
  • Sign in.
    First thing I see
    "I want to have sex!
    (Person) Wants to do it."
    Close tab.
  • So this is basically an addon to Google+ but it doesn't show up on g+ and g+ doesn't show up on schemer (except for pulling data about your circles and a link to your g+ profile)?

    Maybe it's because I just re-read Stevey's rant but it strikes me how fragmented google's products are. Not even to speak of the fact that they *are* products instead of platforms (read the rant).

    Here is something that would probably make a great addition to g+, add some real connection to places, people and happenings, and they make it a separate website?
  • I would hope that they're just in a testing phase before integration into G+. Otherwise, I don't see this having much utility.
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    What it looks like from their about page that is not the case. Google has a history of making neat projects with little to no thought about how to integrate it with their other offerings.
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  • This IS still a beta... and hopefully, a relatively early one, at that.
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