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Too Many Games 2012

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Another convention thread! Normally I would not start a thread this early on a convention since several months can go and change a majority of things they offer. HOWEVER they recently went live with registration and included a limited quantity for their "Final Boss" Ticket package. This only gets pointed out due to the following items:

Access to Saturday Night Afterparty at Arnold's Fun Center (7pm-midnight)
Hosted by a special guest (to be announced)
Exclusive concert performance (to be announced)
Free food and drinks
500 game points for games at Arnold's
In addition to being a solid local con and with the announcement that Rio Grade Games is a sponsor (bolstering their ok selection of board games) this might get pushed over the local con and advance itself to medium size con aka worth going if you are two or more states away. So...tip of the day for all of you, check them out!

Too Many Games ticket info.

I should also mention this is the smallest con James Rolfe goes to in person for all of the days, so if you want to talk to him, got a good chance of doing it here.


  • I'll definitely be making a big effort to get to this. Was really disappointed I couldn't go last year.
  • Adding this to my big google calendar of geeky stuff, I see that it's 2 weeks after Origins, and 3 weeks before DexCon (local NJ hotel con for board gaming) and 4 weeks before ConnectiCon. (E3 and San Diego Comic Con are in there too, but hey, let's not push it).

    Since I could drive into the Philly area and back in 1 day, I'll likely get there for at least 1 day to check it out. Would be nice to do at least one night stay, but we'll have to see.
  • Adding this to my big google calendar of geeky stuff.
    Just wondering if that is a public calendar, we all could add geeky things to it making it a community geeky thing calendar.
  • You're welcome to give me your email address and I'll share it with you as read-only, but you'll have to start your own if you want to attempt the big community-driven calendar. I use mine as part of my personal calendar to plan things out, so don't want to tinker with it. NerdNYC manages a calendar that includes both their own events and larger regional cons. For NYC-specific stuff, I use which is a ridiculously detailed calendar.
  • So they (kinda) revealed the secret show that I mentioned before, and it is the Minibosses. Knowing the fact that this is the first show in the Philadelphia area in about 6 years, might make it a treat to watch. Otherwise who can say no to free food right?
  • So I am interested in going the game jam taking place during the convention but need a team of 2 to 3 others to participate, anyone interested in making an analogue game via game jam?
  • hmmm... I might be interested in going to this... does it have a board game area?
  • It indeed does, this year they have added two Board game-centric sponsors, including Rio Grande Games. I predict it is going to have a solid library making it worth to go out to.
  • Goal is to hit the floor Saturday afternoon, any takers?
  • Goal is to hit the floor Saturday afternoon, any takers?
    Will you be walking the dinosaur?
  • Goal is to hit the floor Saturday afternoon, any takers?
    Will you be walking the dinosaur?
    He'd have to make sure to open the door first.
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    I'm at a Zenkaikon meeting in the hotel next to it :-p
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