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Anime Expo 2012

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Never too early to make a thread.

There's a BIG part of me that want's to build this and use it as a cosplay:


I see three problems with this:
1. This would cost a fair bit of change to make, even if I substituted materials for cheaper ones.
2. It's going to need room for building it.
3. Transporting it would be a debacle of it's own. I would need to rent a van or pickup truck during the con (more money).
3a. Driving to the con is gonna be trouble. The X-Games are happening at the exact same time which means traffic out the wazoo.

Still, I know I could build it and, if I did, I would be arduino-ing the shit out of it. It's sensor orbs would be able to spin, and so would the minigun up front. I'd mount speakers into it and play tachikoma sound clips and install a few CPU fans to keep me cool. Power everything using RC car battery packs.

Maybe I could engineer it to be smaller and modular so the pieces could fit in the Cadillac? Ideas?
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  • Image isn't showing up for me, but obvs I will be at AX for my seventh(oh my!) year in a row.
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    Cool, as always. Maybe we can get together this time. Didn't really work out last year.

    So my dad and I brainstormed about this and figured out several ways to cut costs, make it modular, and make the pod portion collapsible without sacrificing the structural stability of it. The big question now is whether or not I'd be able to use the freight elevator.

    Also, I plan on submitting a My Little Pony Panel. Might not get accepted, but you never know; there is a big SoCal brony presence.
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  • I should go, either this year or next year.
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    Cool, as always. Maybe we can get together this time. Didn't really work out last year.
    Yeah, last year was weird for me. There were so many people I intended to hang out with that I never really got a chance to. Hopefully I can mitigate that this year.
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  • Ah fuck. Budgeting didn't work out (surprise expenses), so I might not even go unless my panels are accepted.
  • Disregard that. My panel "Sound is Magic: A look into the sound design of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'" has been accepted!
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    It's this weekend, very excited. Been looking at the schedule, Sonic's panel got a pretty primetime spot, Friday at 6pm.

    Anyone besides us two going this year?
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    Alex Leavitt and his girlfriend Ashley (who is totally awesome) are going.
    Dromoro! Front and center lad! You going?

    And, yeah, primetime indeed. They originally had me in a half hour slot early afternoon friday in a 300 seat room, but bumped me up to an hour slot in two rooms combined that seats 500. Fucking aye.
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  • If you guys happen to see JesuOtaku, say hi to her for me.
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    I don't even know who that is.

    RALLYCROSS AT THE XGAMES THIS YEAR! RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THE LACC. God, I wish you were real so you could miracle me into the XGames. I wanna meet Ken Block, and Tanner Foust, and Dave Mirra, and Travis Pastrana! Fuck, I just want to SEE their cars in action in real life!

    EDIT: Oh gosh, they rally x pit is going to be RIGHT in front of the west wing of the convention center. O.O Is the circuit going to be there? OMG... I could SEE the cars! I could SMELL the burning rubber!

    EDIT2: They're going to have the Hot Wheels Double Loop and Tanner Foust is going to be doing it!

    That's it, next year that Xgames is coming to LA, FUCK Anime Expo.
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    Whelp, Looks like I got over that stage fright.

    This is a rough preview of my lecture at Anime Expo 2012 called "Sound is Magic: A look into the sound design of 'My Little Pony'". The whole thing is about an hour long but I figured, while I'm inserting the slides from the presentation into the video, I could put up a preview of it using the pre-lecture interactions with the crowd. By the way, they filled the room! 500 people!

    The staff was really awesome, too. They had everything I needed all set up and were very accommodating when it came to connecting my DR-40 to their mixer so I could record the sound straight from their setup.

    Bit of explanation: The reason I start off saying "Fucking bubbles" is because the crowd had just gotten excited when someone started using their bubble gun and put a whole bunch of bubbles in the air above them.
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