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I'm sure you all have stories, but my employer is just killing me.

I work for a small conglomerate of community newspapers in Ohio. In the rear of our office, there is a large open area used to keep the coffee machine, copier, and archives. There is also an open stairwell going to a basement level.

So the ballast on the fluorescent overhead lights is dead. My boss' boss doesn't want to shell out the $82 to replace it, so it has remained nearly pitch black for the past week. When confronted today about the safety hazard, his suggestion was to find a yard sale where they were selling an end-table lamp for $2.

Now there is just a small pool or light in the corner. Cheap farking bastard.

The light at the end of the tunnel (though not at the end of the office) is that I've been thinking about writing a book about all the shitty-assed things employers have done to save a buck in my career. I think I'll start storing some anecdotes away now.


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    Next thing you know, he will just hand you a flashlight.

    ...just buy a red stapler and start muttering under your breath about burning the building down...
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