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recording equipment

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My daughter and her friends want to record some video game walkthrough videos. They are using fraps to record but need a good Michael and possibly other gear. Without breaking the bank what should they buy?


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    Get a Snowflake or Snowball USB microphone. Simple to use, no extra equipment needed, and good enough quality for what they need. Any other USB microphones around the same price range would probably be acceptable as well, I'm just not as familiar with them.
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  • Is 'Michael' a common term for mic?
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    Michael? ?? Darn phone...

    So I'm looking at $100?
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  • Naw, a Snowflake would be about $40 and a Snowball is about $80. Either would be fine. The Snowflake might be nice because your daughter can clip it onto the top of her computer monitor.
  • Actually, the snowflake is better than the snowball since the snowball tends to overdrive easily. I've owned both and prefer the former over the latter.
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