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So, with Notch's new game, 0x10c, he's created a new assembly language that will run all the software in the game. It seems that several projects are starting to be founded around it in preparation for the game. While it's still in great flux, now is the perfect opportunity to get invested on the ground up and developing cool software. Has anyone taken a look at it or messed around? I'd like to write some cool control software or sensor stuff. It'd be cool to have an FRC fake "software" company like Wayland-Yutani to push out awesome software.


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    It's on my giant list of "Projects to Investigate After Finals". I'd love the added motivation that comes from working in a group, though. Wouldn't mind trying to port the 1D Roguelike to it.
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  • This is one of those things where if I had like, 40 hours in a day, I'd be all over it. Oh to be 14 again.
  • This is one of those things where if I had like, 40 hours in a day, I'd be all over it. Oh to be 14 again.
    When I'm rich and on the tropical island I can become a big name in the 0x10c community. Since that hasn't happened yet, yeah...
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    Holy shit, what is this. I just read the description, and I'm still not entirely certain I understand what he's going for. But it sounds awesome.
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  • It's an incredibly simplistic assembly language, with verb/noun structures to the AGC Block II. This is probably intentional, considering the Block II was the computer that got us to the moon.

    I wrote a 64HC11 hardware simulator that I'm planning on repurposing into a DCPU-16 simulator. From there, it's only a few weeks of solder work to build a discrete transistor DCPU-16 in hardware. I'm trying to pitch it as a possible learning tool for future freshmen so that I may work on it as a research project.

    Would anyone actually be interested in a hardware implementation? Once I have a prototype and all the jigs made, it'd be pretty easy to knock out multiples. Kickstarter idea, maybe?
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