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Avengers (with spoilers)



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    sK0pe said:

    Cremlian said:

    Yea it's a good time to be on the Marvel hype train, I been really enjoying everything from the comics, movies and TV.

    No, the current comics are absolute trash, they are only slightly better than the nightmare that is DC at the moment.
    I haven't read Last days stuff and Secret Wars yet (because it's not on Marvel Unlimited and I'm still making my way through early 2015. Literally reading everything Marvel put out for 3 years.

    Spoilers on my Marvel Now Panel I'm working on :-p
    I loved the Avengers overarching plot that lead into Secret Wars mostly the Avengers and New Avengers parts of the story, loved Silver Surfer, Squirrel Girl, Ms Marvel, Hawkguy, All-New X-men, Daredevil, Groot, Loki Agent of Asgard, Magneto, Superior Foes of Spider-man, and Thor - God of Thunder

    Liked Black Widow, the last few stories of Fantastic Four (and the FF title) before that ended, She-Hulk, Amazing Spider-man (Superior Spider-man), Cyclops, Rocket Racoon, Edge of Spider-man event, Hulk, Legendary Star-Lord, Storm, Nova, Original Sin event, SHIELD, Punisher, Thor, Uncanny X-men, Young Avengers, Secret Avengers, Ghost Rider, Avengers Arena, Captain America, New Captain America, Trail of Jean Grey and Black Vortex were good.

    Mixed Avengers World, Avenger Undercover wasn't as good as Avengers Arena, The Guardians stuff was very all over the place, Iron Man, Ultimate Spider-man was REALLY good but the last issue sucked super balls, Really a lot of the main X-titles (Amazing X-men, Nightcrawler, X-men Legacy, X-men, Cable and X-force, Uncanny X-force) were either extremely all over the place or mediocre which is disappointing since I'm a huge X-men fan. A bunch of stuff from the Early Marvel Now days was mediocre, Fearless Defenders, Red Hulk, Venom, Moribus, Axis, A+X, Wolverines, Death of Wolverine (event), Axis (event).

    That's just the quick and dirty....

    Obviously I've been reading a lot of Marvel comics in perpetration to create this panel.

    Still haven't read the Moon-knight series, Silk, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Howard the Duck, a LOT of Deadpool (I hate Deadpool generally) and a few random other stuff. Though I just read through Alias and I'm looking forward to that show and my wife is SUPER into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D I'm warming back up to it.
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  • I was speaking of the Battleworld stuff which is just silly and how the Ultimate universe petered out to mediocrity.

    3 years is kind of longer than what I was expecting when "current" was mentioned :).

    Sure there were a few great books here and there but not consistently good runs that existed about the time when Marvel Knights was at its peek and the Ultimate universe first came out.

    I agree with most of your other points but you read way more Marvel than I do !
  • yea Ultimate stuff going down hill kinda sucked, since it was the only Marvel I read for most of the 00's.
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    Riding the Hype train, can't wait till November 20th. Just read Alias too. This looks even darker than the comic.
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  • I asked a comic book nerd about Jessica Jones. I had never heard about her before. He said he read the book but was unimpressed by the upcoming series.
  • wow, complete opposite opinion, I read a lot of potential in Alias that was not completely fulfilled due to politics between the MAX line and normal Marvel line (which is ultimately why the title was concluded). So knowing that they had something good on their hands I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.
  • They pretty much gave away the entire story in the trailer.
    I'm with Cremlian, I read the entire run of Alias. Quite a few shots from the trailer were straight out of the comic which is a good start.
    I thought the series was going to have the slower pace that the comics did, but I'll see when I get time to watch it.
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    Just finished watching Jessica Jones. It was very good with spot-on casting, good development and I like how they handled themes that run throughout the show, like child abuse, child abandonment and control within relationships. Even better than Daredevil I think. They did change a lot around from the Alias comic, but it all felt natural in a certain way. Some things you have to get used to if you have read the comics though, e.g. the re-positioning of characters like Patsy Walker. They do leave some loose ends dangling, an obvious setup for a second season, but that's okay.

    The only problem I have is that a lot of the plot hinges on public incredulity, as in "no one will believe mind control actually exists". Skepticism is a fine thing. However, it kind of becomes a moot plot point in a world where giant radiation monsters, nordic gods, aliens, and sci-fi tech are publicly known. Anything that was previously thought to be impossible suddenly becomes at least plausible to exist. The problem is still to be able to prove it in a court of law, but at least the court of public opinion as it is portrayed in the first couple of episodes should be a bit more open to the idea of mind control when considering events such as those in the Avengers movies.
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  • Civil War Trailer is out:

  • A very Deadpool Christmas.

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    The Suicide Squad trailer actually looks awesome. This movie should be a lot of fun.

    Still no clue how The Joker will factor into this really. He doesn't appear to be a member of the Suicide Squad, nor does he seem to be the antagonist of the movie. He seems to be just kind of "there", which is odd for the character of the second highest billed actor.
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    Harley also seems to be taking a back seat to Enchantress, and that one woman with the sword appears to barely be in it.

    But it is only a preview, so who knows.
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    I'm just pleased they had an Australian(Jai Courtney) playing an Australian character, rather than just shoving in another American with a pissweak accent. The character is going to be bogan as fuck, but I'll still cheer for him anyway.

    His contributions to the trailer are basically shouting establishing shot, Punching someone out, eyebrow arching, and sneaking a cheeky brew, but I'm perfectly okay with this.

    Will Smith gets his obligatory "Let's go (stated objective of the characters)" line.

    Also, really appreciating the tone they're going for here. All the Marvel trailers are like "Oh man, shit's dire. We really need heroes to rise and save us! Again! wooo look how dire this is!" They throw in a joke or two, but shit's grim man. Even the Ant-man trailers - which is more of a rollicking heist film than your big superhero movie - were grim.

    This trailer is like a 180 of that. It's got colour, bullets hitting choppers in time with bohemian rapsody, bohemian rapsody, jokes, sneaky beers, acid high-dives, and just an overwhelming sense of fun. They're not telling you about how grim everything is if they don't pull off this one big mission, it's just rolling about and everyone doing mad shit. A breath of fresh air, to say the least.

    My enormous schoolboy crush on Cara Delevingne continues unabated.

    Edit - Also Joker looks wicked good so eat shit whiners.
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  • Churba said:

    All the Marvel trailers are like "Oh man, shit's dire. We really need heroes to rise and save us! Again! wooo look how dire this is!" They throw in a joke or two, but shit's grim man. Even the Ant-man trailers - which is more of a rollicking heist film than your big superhero movie - were grim.

    Agreed, they could have also made the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer a bit more whimsical but I like that Ant-Man, Ironman and these other films catch you off guard with their humour. I literally hadn't seen the Ant-Man trailer, yeah it's terrible compared to the film, just like the Guardians of the Galaxy was really underselling and over delivering.

    However it might be a bit early to be generalising, e.g. Deadpool paints the character exactly as expected.

    I agree the team who did the Suicide Squad trailer are to be commended for their work.
    Churba said:

    This trailer is like a 180 of that.

    That's because Suicide Squad is the 180 of the regular DC heroes too.

    Also check how super serious Superman vs Batman is.
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    I just returned from Deadpool. It's a very funny movie but most of the jokes are either very raunchy or stem from the funny deaths of other characters or Deadpool getting injured in funny ways. It is basically a Looney Tunes cartoon, except yeah, people actually get chopped to pieces here. Maybe not everybody's cup of tea but I had a blast and judging by the laughs the movie got a lot of people had a lot of fun.

    The movie is mostly based on the Joe Kelly run of Deadpool. There's a lot of fourth wall breaking, but not necessarily super-intrusive. The Supporting cast has actually been lowered. For example Weasel takes over as the Bartender/job agent in the Mercenary tavern, and Patch is nowhere to be found. Despite the reduction I feel that Blind Al didn't get enough screen time to establish her relationship with Wade well enough. I did like the cameo of Hydra Bob though. It is odd however how that Kelly, the man who truly made Deadpool what he is today, doesn't get a special thanks in the credits but Nicieza and Liefeld do. Yes, they created the character but Kelly is who truly defined the character and is the man whose work they are basically putting into this. It's also weird that they only put two X-Men on screen for their attempt of recruiting Wade, a fact that Deadpool of course lampshades. One of them is a complete Z-lister, but she has her moments and may be something that could be built upon. I definitely would like to see more of the character in the comics.

    Anyway, the structure of the movie is.. strange. It jumps back and forth with multiple flashbacks to Deadpools origin within one action scene, which makes the Action scene basically span the entire first half of the movie with those flashback breaks in between. This kind of reveals one of the flaws of the film in that there are only two extended action sequences in the film. There are two more smaller scenes which could be classified as such but don't take up too much space.

    The other problem is that the Villain is really not all that good. There isn't much more to him than "designated bad guy who is a sadist" and you hardly get the feeling that this guy could be a "big bad" rather than a "square boss" type of henchman to the actual villain. They didn't even name the institute where the experiments happen. No mention of "Department K" or "Weapon X".

    Anyway, I'm happy they didn't fuck it up. The film captures the comics and the characters pretty well. There are some problems, but it is a solid popcorn flick with the little bit of pathos that is required to put Deadpool on screen. Not a cinematic masterwork but very entertaining.

    Also, the stinger was very funny, particularly if you have seen the movies you were supposed to have seen a long time ago. Plus I managed to get myself the little "premiere gift", a small comic book issue with four short stories. No big writers I recognize though.
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  • Deadpool sets Box office records. Did not expect this. In fact, I don't think anybody expected this.
  • chaosof99 said:

    Deadpool sets Box office records. Did not expect this. In fact, I don't think anybody expected this.

    I expected it, there was no competition and the PR department did a great job with all the advertisments, especially those that had nothing to do with the movie and more to introduce the character to viewers. The advertisements were popular online and I'm sure they would be on broadcast TV.
  • It was looking big but not 135 domestic big :-p
  • This youtube comment pretty much summed up the trailer for me.
    "Spider man sounds like he's a 13 year old doing a mine craft lets play."
  • Spider-man is a teenager? You don't say...
  • This youtube comment pretty much summed up the trailer for me.
    "Spider man sounds like he's a 13 year old doing a mine craft lets play."

    oh god HE DOES.

  • The thumbnail is perfect.
  • I love this line:
    Once a colony of bats literally lifts Bruce Wayne up in the air as a Christ-like figure, you’re probably watching a movie that takes itself pretty seriously.
  • I have not seen Batman v. Superman yet, and I do not plan to now. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the social media environment I built up who has seen it says that it's awful, with a lot of emphasis on it. I have not seen this happen ever before. I have seen movies land with a "thunk" but most people will just say that it was bad and move on. Everyone I have read an opinion from tells how utterly irredeemable garbage it is.
  • Deadpool becomes the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time.
    By close of play yesterday, Deadpool had amassed $745,974,060 to overtake the previous record holder, The Matrix Reloaded, which earned $742.1 million back in 2003.
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