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YouTube Party


  • I was thinking of something like this, and playing online games or something.

    Well, I was more thinking of if there were an online version of Cards Against Humanity, that would be really fun to play and record with the ATW9K peoples, even though it has nothing to do with trivia.
  • Considering how pretty much every Geekchat longer than three hours has devolved into people posting Youtube links to the chat, that could work.
  • SyncTube did this, but maybe the official version will be better. Either way, yeah, let's do it.
  • Plus one.
  • I'm down.
  • I need an earlier shift so I can take part in one of these.
  • That looks like a good time.
  • I'm in like flynn.
  • I would love to join, when does everyone want to do it? I'm good with Sunday evening.
  • I'm totally in.
  • I'd love to be in but I always have to buffer a little bit before a video fires up due to my slow DSL so I'd probably just be a drag on things.
  • I'm game.
  • What the hell, if I'm around, I'm up for it.
  • I will do a thing at place.
  • Sounds like fun.
  • I have started a public hangout and would welcome new music suggestions, as I am in a drought.
  • Is the Hangout still going?
  • Is the Hangout still going?
    Just ended a while ago.

  • Drat I missed it.
  • Whaat?! Damn, I missed it, too.
  • Yeah, I also missed it. Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be another one.
  • Pretty much. I said if I was around, and I wasn't around. It happens.
  • I'm starting one up now.
  • I'm starting one up now.
  • It's a little late for me, otherwise I'd join in. I have things to do in the morning. Have fun, everybody.
  • Yeah, say here, although I now realize I need to add more of you on Google+ so I can do this sort of thing when I am available.
  • I think our party ended when a big lightning storm knocked out power on my block. ZAP.
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