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Movie Theme Music

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Searched for a thread about this but couldn't find one. I went looking for recognizable movie theme music the other day to play in the comic shop I work for and started getting wistful for said movies all over again. Then I started getting disappointed that there aren't nearly as many examples of instantly recognizable theme music for movies from the past decade or so. The only example that comes immediately to mind is the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, and that's going to be a decade old next year. I thought maybe Harry Potter, but that first movie came out in 2001: already over a decade old.

So two questions for this thread, basically: 1) what are your favourite movie themes? and 2) can you name any theme music from movies made in the last ten years that John Q. Public would recognize?

For the first question, my favourites would probably be Beetlejuice, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park.
For the second question: other than PotC, these are the only two I could think of off the top of my head:

And Inception is questionable, because that music that everyone knows is the trailer music, not the movie theme itself.
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  • Perhaps the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Fellowship is 11 years old now but the other two have some good songs.
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean had a pretty distinctive theme to it. Might have just been me but it occasionally got mixed with LOTR.
  • To answer your first question:
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    Oo, a Ridley Scott movie I haven't seen, and with an amazing score? :o This requires investigation. Thanks for the rec!
    Perhaps the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Fellowship is 11 years old now but the other two have some good songs.
    Yeah, pretty much why I didn't mention it. Fellowship is 11 years old, and honestly, I don't remember any of the music from the other two, at least not distinctly from those particular movies.
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  • How about the music from Grindhouse or Scott Pilgrim?
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    I would say the Dark Knight trilogy has some pretty memorable music, and has eclipsed Danny Elfman's 1989 Batman theme as my go-to Batman music:

    Also concerning Inception, I think the "BWAAAAAAAAAA" sound itself is what's memorable/iconic, not any of the actual music in the movie itself.
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    This is the only music that really says Batman to me (well, except this, but for other reasons).
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  • Mah favorite:

    As for the second question, anyone who saw Moon remembers the theme music:

  • Actually I should clarify my position concerning Batman theme music. I agree, the 1989 Batman theme and BTAS theme definitely spell out Batman for me in the classical sense that he is a creature of the night that strikes fear into superstitious and cowardly criminals; however Hans Zimmer's score comes to mind whenever someone utters the phrase "Goddamn Batman."
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    I do enjoy this version a little more though.
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