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So, I'm an avid follower of Paul and Storm's Twitter feed, and they mentioned today that they were using Pheed (just before admitting that they didn't really know anything about it, other than that it was new.). A quick Google reviels that it's basically Twitter+Microtransactions. Apparently, you can chose to charge between 2 and 35 dollars for a pay per view event, or similar prices per month just to follow you. This has all the earmarks of a thing that's going to fail, and fail hard, because everything that's ever done something like this has failed. It strikes me as something that's going to be hard to convince "regular" users to use (in other words, the people who are going to be paying, rather than charging, money).


  • If you could only see my tweets by paying, how much would you pay? I'm betting no more than $0.
  • If you could only see my tweets by paying, how much would you pay? I'm betting no more than $0.
    It depends on how many Youtube videos of dudes getting hit in the crotch you share per month.
  • I would pay a penny for lifetime access to Daryl Surat's twitter feed.
  • I would pay a penny for how many new followers Rym gets before the end of the year. ;^)
  • There was a poll that asked people if they would've willing to pay for twitter. 0% said yes. This is going to fail, possibly epically.
  • It might make some money off of crazy mole-people fans. I'm surprised the porn industry hasn't done something like this yet. Pay to follow a twitter-like feed filled with kinky thoughts. Social media voyeurism for the truly desperate.
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    Not gonna work. And I'm someone who believes a premium model could potentially work. The problem is going to be placing a price on such sporadic content. The moment one of the rare actual customers thinks "I'm paying $2 a month for this crappy photo/celebrity gossip/collection of YouTube links", they're lost forever.

    I think a $5 a month cable-like "make deal with content makers" system could take off one day, though.
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  • The only way twitter for pay would potentially work (and it still would not work well, in my opinion) would be for there to be no free option any longer, for anyone.
  • Please pay me for these hashtag jokes and cat GIFs.
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    One thing that's worth mentioning is that pheed is hoping to provide every form of media (images, videos, audio), not just tweets.

    Still gonna fail, though.
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  • Yeah, I dunno. If you're good at audio, make a Bandcamp. If you're good at video, make a sponsored YouTube channel.
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