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TUP: The Ultimate Pipedream


  • Instead of living life, you can live your character's life. Brilliant!
  • Thought whole thing was going to be a joke.
  • The sad part is, I'll play it.
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    A virtual world where characters controlled by real people simulate humanity at a faster than normal pace? Color me interested.
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  • Herring has never smelt so wonderful.

  • My character in this game will also be an other-kin.
  • I am going to play this just like Plague.
  • Wouldn't this turn into Second Life 2013?
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    Picking apples is boring. This game sounds really boring.
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  • The first question you need to ask is will I be able to build this game within this game.
  • Can I explode a whale?
  • Color me intrigued as well. I will at the very least give this game a try regardless of whether or not it is a failure.
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    The trick is this: They will overhype a trillion dollar kickstarter then reveal we're already playing the game. The good news is they're going to spend that trillion dollars on "new features" by which I mean science research funding, clean energy, public works, and feeding the poor. Also hookers and blow.
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  • You had me at "hookers."
  • Creamsteak won this thread. Then he felt like he hadn't won enough, and won again.
  • What would be the most ambitious project in computing to date.. detailed by stick figures.
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