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Backhand Compliment the Poster Abover You

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I think it's really great how you guys are content to just argue on a forum all day instead of doing something more productive with your life. No, really, good for you! Most people would have given up and stopped wasting their time by now.
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  • Better than using an excuse to edit some crappy podcast just so you make yourself sound impressive on your résumé.
  • That wasn't really a backhand compliment, but nice try!
  • Ah good, now here's a guy who knows how to give backhanded compliments. You've probably had a lot of practice!
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    You beautifully channel the over weight, angry, forum troll who lives with his mom stereotype.
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  • I'd had you pegged as an idiot for a while, but you recently proved otherwise. Well done!
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    You've got such great music. My Bloody Valentine, TMBG, Cake -- definitely not major label artists whose sales fund Ke$ha and similar garbage pop.
    Though you do get serious points for listening to the AJJ.
    EDIT: Ninja'd that was meant for Sail.

    Pete, you have such great taste in history. Vikings are such a useful and relevant part of our culture.
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  • Good job fighting The Man!
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    Hey, at least I'm not foolish enough to care about social issues.
    EDIT: I should add that your comment actually made me laugh out loud.
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  • You're so hip with your net lingo.
  • You're loyal. Despite the fact that your hat and general attitude are more than 70 years out of date, you still stick with them. That takes guts.
  • You're probably not a practicing pedophile.
  • Rym DeCoster you're my hero.
  • You must have lost weight, you look less chunky.
  • Your choice of pony avatar is perfectly acceptably even tho Rainbow Dash would have made you look like less of a wanna be Brony.
  • I think your only 90% insane, unlike many who share your opinions.
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    Your choice of a red-ring-of-death avatar is perfectly acceptable even though it distinguishes you as a filthy console gamer instead of part of the PC master race.
    EDIT: @spikespiguel, was ninja'd by Andrew

    Andrew, you're the penultimate atheist.
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    Your continued presence in this thread is welcome because you're so easy to backhandedly compliment.
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  • AmpAmp
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    You are all people. The quality however remains to be seen.
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  • I've seen the quality of person you are. It's about what I expected.
  • You guys must be really, really nice people as you're all struggling to make effective backhanded compliments.
  • The quality of your photography shows that you have accepted and embraced your obvious feminine attributes.
  • AmpAmp
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    There is certainly something positive about you, what it is Im not to sure but its there.
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    I love how your Goth-y avatar accentuates your depressing forum posts.
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    Your work in physics definitely adds to humanity's massive store of debatably useful knowledge.
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  • @Timo ooooh thats a good one.
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    Your spelling and grammar are better than Scott Johnson's.
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  • You're really cool for someone who drinks so much beer.
  • You make good kids music.
  • You are a rapper.
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