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GeekNights Presents Utena: ep06

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GeekNights Presents: Utena
Episode 06

Episode six of Utena is a Nanami Episode. These recur throughout the series, and have their own distinct character. They tend to be humorous, tend to involve Nanami Kiryuu escalating already ridiculous situations, and tend to come just when you're about to learn something pertinent about the main plot. In this one, Tsuwabuki is introduced, a character who will recur for the rest of the show.

Don't discount these episodes. They're a metaphor for the series as a whole, and for Utena's progression through adolescence. The Nanami episodes tell their own story, and are more relevant to the deeper story of Utena than you might realize.

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    I'm not entirely sure Nanami is off-campus in the beginning. Doesn't the campus cover part of the town as well, the way a college campus would in some cities? Wakaba's dorm building is down in the town bit, but we don't think of her as living off-campus. Also, we know Nanami lives with Touga at the Kiryuu residence. Do we count that as off-campus as well? If so, then why should we say it's a big deal those times when
    Nanami leaves/attempts to leave Ohtori?

    Here's my view on the whole thing: you know that one overhead shot of Ohtori that we see a lot?


    See what surrounds part of the town there? That river and the ocean out beyond it. Water surrounds the whole place (save for some bridges), making it an island of sorts. That's what I would count as "the world of Ohtori", more or less. You have to go outside that boundary for it to start really meaning something. Never mind that crossing a body of water has all kinds of potential symbolic meanings in and of itself.

    Anyway, all that said, great work as usual! Love the highlighting of the parallels between Utena and Nanami's stories. The only thing I'm a little confused about is your point about Nanami's story matching up exactly with Utena's... while at the same time you paint her as the Anthy in this scenario with Tsuwabuki. Care to elaborate, or will you be going on more about that in a future video?
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  • They're both straight, simple adolescence metaphors. ;^)
  • As for "outside," it's more that there aren't many scenes where someone is walking along a "normal" street. Every time it happens, something fairly BIG DEAL is involved.

    I believe the next time we see a city street like that is in Black Rose, and after that a trip to the amusement park.
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    They're both straight, simple adolescence metaphors. ;^)
    I wouldn't say that the story is same just because it's metaphor for a some thing. Not all coming-of-age stories are same. I don't think I'd even consider all stories featuring the heroes journey to be the same. Sure one can and should draw compressions to the Nanami story and Utena story, but they have their differences and there are levels in the Utena story that are not there in Nanami story.

    I think it's also interesting how Nanami has probably the most normal hair, out of important characters. It's not any bright color and even the style is not too out there. I could express my ridiculous theory build upon my bigger ridiculous theory, but I'll leave that later when I can actually talk about it.
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  • I wouldn't say that the story is same just because it's metaphor for a some thing. Not all coming-of-age stories are same.
    That's kind of where I was coming from with my confusion, yeah. I get that both go through adolescence metaphors, but the way you spoke about it made it sound as though you had more explicit parallels between Utena and Nanami's characters and roles in the story (which, if you still do, I'm eager to see). If you say something like "It's the exact same story!", I'm going to assume you're going to back up your use of "exact same" with something more than "They share a common theme!"

    Also oo, I can't wait to hear your hair theory, Apsup.
  • I have two reasons for saying what I did.

    First, I do want to, in the end, make a much more direct parallel then you might be anticipating.

    Second, I'm trying to get viewers to pay extra attention to Nanami episodes by whatever means necessary.

    You will be pleasantly surprised in the very end.
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