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Anime Expo 2013

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Woo! Alright! It's almost here and I am excited. I'm already confirmed for three out of the eight panels I submitted.

1. My Little Pony: Sound is Magic
This panel gives a break down of some of the sound design techniques used in the show, as well as a history of sound in cinema and television.
Here is the video of when I did it last year at AX. I've since done it at Equestria LA and Anime LA, so I'll be revising it to include more material from Seasons 2 and 3.

2. So You Want to Make an Audio Drama?
This is workshop takes the audience from start to finish in the process of making a short audio drama (1-2 minutes). The audience will help in three key stages: concept, script writing, and voice acting. It's designed to stand alone but is best when supplemented with "Sound is Magic". Along the way, they'll learn about sound design and sound design concepts in the cinema and television arts (diegesis, fidelity, Rhythm, etc...).

3. How to Survive Your First Convention!
Pretty self explanatory. I'll discuss:
  • Why conventions are different from other group gatherings
  • Proper health and hygine (bathe and stay hydrated/nourished)
  • Cosplay etiquette (both for cosplayers and those who want to take pictures)
  • Food around the convention center
  • and other general advice



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    I'll be there as always. My friend Meishi Smile will be DJing at the dance, fighting the good fight and playing anime jamz at a con dance that historically never has DJs that play anime jamz. Also there's gonna hopefully be a chiptune BBQ thing on Day 1 (July 4th) somewhere in LA with me, Slime Girls, (likely) Space Boyfriend, and other friends performing. Zoom Lens crew is gonna be out in full force that weekend.

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  • Sounds awesome! Let me know when that BBQ thing will be once things get finalized.
    I'd love to meet some more local artists, so if you could introduce me to some of them, I'd really appreciate it.
  • For sure, dude!
  • Oh, It looks like Uncle Yo is gonna be at AX this year. Neat!
  • For some reason, Anime Expo only chose this as my main panel lecture:

    Eromanga: The Good, the Bad, and the WTF
    Saturday at 9:45pm

    But I'll also be presenting in this year's Academic Symposium – – on the WHAT ANIME FANS DO, AND WHY, AND HOW panel (I think it's Sunday at noon?).
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