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So I just finished 'Clueless' starring Alicia Silverstone and I gotta say, it's a pretty charming little flick. It has solid (even subtle) acting, deceptively intelligent writing, and a very likable protagonist. I'm thinking of checking Jane Austen's Emma out (the book from which the movie was adapted). What are your thoughts on the book? Thoughts on the movie? Any interesting parallels you'd like to draw, or is it better if I read the book and draw them myself?


  • Can't believe you just watched Clueless. I saw it way back when it was new. Definitely one of those rare cases where you can't judge it by the cover. You would think based on the title and cover that it's a typical low brow shitty teen comedy. It's actually pretty damn good. I haven't heard anyone mention it since the '90s. Glad to see it hasn't been completely forgotten.
  • There'll always be many more movies for me to see, no matter how many I watch. I decided a comedy was in order after binging on Netflix's Horror Selection ('Cabin In The Woods' and 'Silver Bullet' were standouts from that endeavor). Clueless had a rather good rating and I imagined it as having writing above what Teen Movies ordinarily do (Such as 'Heathers' and 'Mean Girls'). I particularly liked Alicia Silverstone's performance; she consistently sounded as though she was giving the character an air of false intelligence. As in, the character always sounded simultaneously intelligent and unintelligent; what a tricky feat to pull off.
  • I haven't seen it yet. I should check it out...
  • I haven't seen it yet. I should check it out...
    I think its quality will surprise you. :)
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