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Theaters vs. Legal Streams

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In an attempt to curb piracy, Sony and Disney are trying a new approach to their film distribution by providing legal streams of films still playing in theaters. If you really wanna see Title X without paying $15 for an overpriced ticket and popcorn, these two companies are adopting this alternative.

This tactic makes me curious: If this proves successful, could this mean the death of theaters as we know it? I could see theater owners losing a lot of money (and jobs) if this becomes widespread. Also, would YOU personally adopt it? Even though it may be more expensive, would you miss watching theaters on a wall-sized screen in surround sound?


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    Huh, I think I'll bring this up on FNPL. It's a very interesting topic.
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  • I've seen people say this will combat piracy, but all it will do is provide better quality rips earlier.
  • That depends on the price point I think. If I could see the latest and greatest for a smaller price than going out to the theater I think it might be a great thing. Being able to just invite over a half dozen friends for a movie night and watch what's in the theater for the cost of one ticket even would be amazing. As long as it's quick, easy, cheap I would do it over pirating the films.
  • So long as it worked beyond the US then I could get in on that. Along without some dumb stuff like, "you can only watch this so many times" or "you can only watch this in certain places".
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    if ( ! ) return pirateBay;

    I agree with Pegu.
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    Huh, I think I'll bring this up on FNPL. It's a very interesting topic.
    Here it is! (39 minutes)
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  • I'm with Pegu. We already have webrips of new movies but they're usually from china or something and have hardcoded subs, so it would definitely be a benefit for those evil, evil criminals. I'd actually consider the legal streams though, if the price was low enough and it was on enough devices.
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    Rather than killing theaters I think it will push theaters to improve their service. If this is successful we'll see more fancy 18/21+ theaters with bars and comfy seats.
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  • I just wish I could get nicer theaters with real food in my area. I wouldn't have to sneak in candy if I could get a meal there.
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    There's a theater back in Connecticut that has servers that will bring you drinks or a food from the concession stand or the attached restaurant (and I think a bar also?), and the seats are pretty comfortable too. I've only been to one theater like that and I wish it were more common, but you can't get that sort of thing without charging people a lot more for it, and I'm not sure that would really fly.

    Edit: Also, if your movie is in the premium "director's hall" theater, they don't show you previews beforehand, and when you buy tickets online you get to choose your seat beforehand, so you can basically get there right when the movie starts with no worries.
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  • I think we need a movie cafe. Much like a sports bar (covered in TVs) but one that shows movies not sports.

    Not sure exactly how it would work because movies tend towards two hours while dinner out does not take two hours. There would also be issues with timing your arrival.

    Perhaps if ten minutes before showtime begins all orders for food are taken with a ten minute buffer before that for seating?
  • I think we need a movie cafe. Much like a sports bar (covered in TVs) but one that shows movies not sports.
    How well would that really work? I think watching sports is a much more social thing than watching a movie - lots of built-in downtime that allows you to chat with your friends, and hearing the game isn't strictly necessary.
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