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Otakon 2013 -- The Cowboy Bebop Reunion Tour

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Cont. from other thread.


  • Kay. Yeah.
    I'm hoping Yoko Kanno and Shinichiro Watanabe do a panel together, as the thread title implies.
  • Welp. Time to marathon the series again before August.
  • Speak of said con any info on the room Viga or Eryn?
  • Room is still set as far as I know. Still arriving and checking in on the Thursday. Is there anything else specific you wanted to know?
  • Room is still set as far as I know. Still arriving and checking in on the Thursday. Is there anything else specific you wanted to know?
    Namely cost contact info etc. PM me those details later (most likely skip Thurs due to working).

    Also this may be the first time it will include things I give a shit about, so my schedule is going to be free for a lot of stuff.
  • Sent a message to you and Viga.

    And hnnngh I know, so much stuff to do. In addition to the actual guests, I really want to catch the ANNcast crew, since most of them so rarely come to Otakon. Never mind all the usual cool content from the AWO/Mike Toole/Charles Dunbar/Viga school of panels. ;)
  • Yep. I'm still waiting on them to release info on the Saturday concerts. I need to know how much time I'll have to waste lining up. I want to be up close for T.M.R.
  • Oh shit son, Wolf Children premier. Kind of expected, but still nice to know for sure. I haven't seen it yet and I'd like to see it on a big screen with an audience, so I'm pretty sure I'll go to that.
  • That'll be cool. Misleading for them to say "with director" though. It's just the director of the dub, not Hosoda. If they had Hosoda I would flip.
  • Indeed. There's still conceivably enough time that they could get Hosoda, but I doubt it considering it seems like they've announced most of their big stuff already.
  • Doubtful they'll get him. I think they had him previously a year I couldn't go? I think?
    Regardless, it will be nice to watch, though I doubt the Q&A will lend anything interesting to the discussion, since I only marginally care about how directing the voice acting for the dub was. He's probably a very nice guy, as most voice actors are, but I doubt he can tell me anything about the movie I'd want to know.
  • So...should I bring my games with me or leave them at home?
  • I dunno. I know I prefer to con-surf rather than game. I understand at gaming conventions, but at teh animu, I try to find stuff to do.
  • I dunno. I know I prefer to con-surf rather than game. I understand at gaming conventions, but at teh animu, I try to find stuff to do.
    Outside of Super Art Fight, concerts, and panels of people I know there will be fuck all to do.
  • I like panel surfing and seeing cosplayers. When I cosplay I can enjoy wandering. It's better than Tora-Con, which outside of concerts and other staged events, has REALLY nothing to do.
  • Schedule posted! Their website is down, so they're linking to it here

    Looks like they have nothing special planned for the concerts, meaning I expect to be wasting most of Saturday in line so I can have good seats. Also, no simulcast like the Sunday concert, which is probably a foolish idea. Unless the First Mariner arena really can handle all of us. Anyone not at the concert is a dolt. XP

    Otherwise, I'll decide on more specifics later. Do people on here want to meet up at some point?
  • I think it would be totes awesome if we could meet up -- especially since I don't think I've met you IRL yet, Axel. Should I start a GroupMe?

    Also, plugging it now, Family That Geeks Together Keeps Together. Friday in Panel 4 at 12:00. Come see the brand new rebuilt from scratch panel. Now with %100 more Bill Cosby.
  • I will go to that if nothing else cool is happening.

    I also have a dumphone, so I don't use all those apps to do things. I paper and highlighter that shit.
  • GroupMe has SMS support. I used it for two or three con seasons. It's not as good as the app, but it's still leaps and bounds above nothing. Especially since not so many FRCF are going, so it wouldn't be flooding your inbox like it did for me at PAX E that one year.
  • We'll see. I have to look at the schedule more and see when good free time is. Probably Friday.
  • Family Geeks is up against Bad Anime Bad, which, IIRC, is being done by Mike Toole, so no offense will be taken if people don't go to it.
  • I believe that morning are T.M.Revolution and Home Made Kazoku something's. (Q&A's? The schedule picture compresses them). I will probably try and go to both of those.
  • Ah, never again shall we be graced with Geeknights panels at Otakon. How sad, this year would have been a cool year to go, but they have cast us out. There are actually an amazing number of Japanese guests at this convention, and I'd love to see Watanabe Shinichiro and Yoko Kanno. You guys should go to all these panels! At least I have seen TM Revolution live a couple times, and met him at the Kinokuniya event when Rym and Scott interviewed him. At least there's that...

    Also, good to hear that they finally got in on Super Art Fight. They had this different thing before, so they wouldn't get them, but I guess they finally changed their minds.

    Also, hey Otakon, it's not the Wolf Children premier! That was at the NYICFF, when Hosoda came to New York for the festival. I even got to ask him a question about growing up in the Japanese Alps. (He came once before to an NYICFF event where Summer Wars was screened, and I got to talk to him more at the reception afterward. He is a super nice guy!)

    Anyway, you guys have fun and enjoy what is shaping up to be a very good con. I will be at the Jersey Shore.
  • No, they mean the dub premiere.

    But yeah, it is too bad Otakon staff is butts. At least their website is finally back up.
  • I am packing right now. Yeeeeahh cross-country bus trip oh how I missed you~
  • XD

    6-hour car ride on Thursday woo! I'll pack...Eventually.
  • Haven't seen ya in a while! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone I havent seen since 2010. Hope all the Otakon FRCFites can gather for food or wandering or something at some point.
  • I'm not sure who's still going, but I look forward to seeing everyone who can make it. :)
  • (I rarely do the convention thing) Does anyone have a panel or other event that they strongly suggest?
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