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Pax Prime vs Dragon Con

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Curious what people think about the the two major late August geeky cons: Pax and DragonCon.

Both on Labor Day weekend now, can anyone speak up who's been to both and can put to rest which one is best for whom? Primarily an RPG guy but love interesting panels (Recordings of Scott and Rym doing them made me listen to more of the GN stuff). (Like I need to link that here)


  • PAX for gaming. Dragon*Con for cosplay and famous people shenanigans.
  • Well, PAX is sold out, so you can't go. DragonCon got rid of their pedophile guy, so I guess it's better than no con at all.
  • Dragon Con isn't known for its stellar panels.
  • PAX for most part has always been on Labor Day weekend except one year.

    Pretty much what Andy said.

    From what you like, I think PAX may be better.

    FFUUUUUU. It's coming up soon. I'm so not ready.
  • Also not ready. Just bought plane tickets.
  • I have only been to PAX East, but there's a lot more RPGing going on at Prime than Dragon*Con. The few RPGers I know who go to D*C are there for drinking, scifi/voice actor/skeptic panels, and people watching.

    Consider Gen Con if you're available mid August.
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    PAX Prime has a games on demand room for non-D&D tabletop RPGs. There are also people running them all about tabletop areas.

    If you do actually want to play Dungeons and Dragons, PAX East or Prime (but not AUS) will be heaven for you. WotC shows up and brings a fuckton of GMs. If you want to play D&D, they are happy to run games for you, for FREE, all day every day.
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  • Not a D&D guy, GoD showed up at DCon too the year I went.

    But great info. Jason Morningstar and Tracy Hickman did some great RPG presentations the year I was there

    I'm enthused to hear the amount of non-D&D stuff. BWHQ on both coasts usually or just East? You guys turned me on to that in a big way.
  • Dragon Con isn't known for its lack of pedophiles. PAX isn't known for its lack of awesome gaming. But don't let me influence your decision.
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