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Feed the Beast (Minecraft Modpack(s))

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So... the old Tekkit server was still kicking around, and I decided to reactivate it and build it into a Feed the Beast server instead.

We're looking for a handful of players and you folks were great to play with so... if anybody's interested we're taking applications for the whitelist at the /r/terminus subreddit (or in this thread, if that sort of thing is allowed.)

Here's an album showing the new spawn area (WIP):

And here's one of the outlying rail stations (mostly complete):

Among the new and improved things in Feed the Beast, you can actually write actual books that actually go on shelves (and the empty shelves visually fill up.) We could really build the library this time. Neat stuff.:)

The server is slated to open next Saturday.


  • What kind of FTB is it running? I'm playing FTB Unleashed single player and it's working pretty well. Except if you put a liquid cart manager on top of an external loader, it corrupts the whole world.
  • Unleashed 1.1.3. So far so good, although I haven't tried that particular combination. :)

    I'm taking daily backups. Our Ultimate server went down in a hail of fire when somebody did something weird with Applied Energistics. I wish Multicraft would let me automate them, but for now I'm just logging in once a day and clicking the button, then downloading the .zip.

    I replaced the delivered core binary with MCPC+ and it seems to have sped up performance considerably, not to mention I can now run some Bukkit plugins, which in my opinion is absolutely essential. The Forge "counterparts" are nowhere near mature enough for prime time. I'm not sure why FTB isn't on CraftBukkit to begin with.

    I've enabled Biomes o' Plenty (that's why we're on 1.1.3, to address the "Unnamed" bug), Vending, NetherOres, and installed OpenCCSensors (because even though it's no longer supported, it hasn't quite been fully replaced with OpenPeripherals in terms of functionality yet.)
  • You could automate it via a cron job.
  • No shell access to my VPS host. :(

    I've been thinking of switching to but it's a bit more expensive and I'm not sure I want the additional administrative overhead.
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    Redpower wires is what I really miss. Also, everyone can manually install optifine on the client side for improved performance.

    One thing I've gotten sick of with minecraft mods is how the quarry has inflated the cost for so many items. You can use up a stack of diamonds very quickly.

    Would you mind messaging me the IP and Password I can come help out.
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  • I've manually installed Optifine but I have a weird bug where Minecraft crashes if I turn on Multi-Core chunk loading. On my daughter's PC, which is identical (same model bought 4 days apart from same store, same SKU) it works fine. I wonder if I have a defective CPU or something.

    I kind of like the inflated costs on most things. I felt the balance was a little too easy before. I was a big fan of Gregtech before the drama (and I find it hard to really enjoy TConstruct because of the author.)

    The server is at I'll get you on the whitelist tonight. I'm planning to take op away from everybody once the initial build is done and the gates are open, though, just FYI. Nothing will be spawned in past that (although the spawn station does offer certain items.) The last server I ran prior to this did everything "in game" and we all had a blast working that way.
  • Ok, I'm going to do my usual thing of rushing farming --> ethanol --> HP boilers. If anyone wants energy, I will have plenty spare if you want to come hook up your MFEs.
    Will be wanting Galidonian ore if you find it.
  • LOL

    God d*mned power players.... ;)
  • Is their a setting for vanilla minecraft to use multicores?
  • No I think it's only added by optifine. I haven't done a ton of troubleshooting on it to be honest. Omnutia just reminded me about it.
  • Nope, optifine breaks out some of the functionality so it can run on separate cores.
  • And I agree, I SERIOUSLY miss RP2 wiring. And Redlogic. The available "replacements" are... meh.
  • Will optifine 'fix' the problem I have where lag starts as soon as someone jumps in a minecraft?
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    I looked up recipes for some of my prefered machines and I will, luckily, not need a trip to the nether for blaze powder, as there is a flower that makes it which lives in the desert.

    But 72 Iron ingots just for a 36 block boiler is going to take a while.
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    God d*mned power players.... ;)
    Damned? Dbmned? Dcmned? Ddmned? Demned? Dfmned? Dgmned? Dhmned? Dimned? Djmned? Dkmned? Dlmned? Dmmned? Dnmned? Domned? Dpmned? Dqmned? Drmned? Dsmned? Dtmned? Dumned? Dvmned? Dwmned? Dxmned? Dymned? Dzmned? You win again 'muppet'. You're really throwing people for a loop with this one! Especially any all-powerful beings you might be trying to appease. WELL! I'M NOT FUCKING APPEASED AT ALL!
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  • 72 ingots is a small price to pay for, basically, the nuclear reactor of Buildcraft.
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    Yeah.. you know what happens if a boiler runs out of water and is then reconnected to it without being allowed to cool down completely, right?

    Anyone know a good free mumble server?
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  • Unless you host your own, not many providers out there that'll do it. I have one, but it's limited to five people at once.
  • I... don't do voice chat. :)
  • Omnutia, I whitelisted you. My memory tells me that your MC account name is 'Omnutia' so if that's wrong, let me know.

    In order to get on you need Unleashed 1.1.3, but you also need:

    * to enable the following:
    * Biomes o' Plenty
    * Nether Ores
    * Vending

    And you need to install OpenCCSensors for 1.5.2.

    Let me know if you have trouble.
  • Final checklist for server go live tonight:

    SO, what do you need in order to get on this server? Well:

    * Install Unleashed, and download the 1.1.3 version. This means you have to change the drop down at the top right from "Recommended" to 1.1.3 for now.
    * enable NetherOres, BiomesOPlenty, and Vending by going into "Edit Modpack", then the "jarMods" tab, and then selecting and enabling them.
    * Install [OpenBlocks]( and [OpenCCSensors](
    * wait to be whitelisted, and have a good time. :)
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    Might want to ease off on the extra mods; I can't get openblocks 1.0.1 to be recognised.

    Should I be using 1.0.2? The server response says it's using 1.0.1.
    Edit: It is 1.0.2, the response isn't correct.
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  • I'd like to give it a go.
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    Hey, let's do it!

    Username: Vhdblood
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  • ninja, what's your IGN? I forget... sorry :)

    VHD, I'll whitelist you in just a second.
  • Sorry yeah, it should be the 8/17 version of OpenBlocks.
  • VHD you should be good, just make sure to install the stuff listed above.

    Ninja I think you're ninjarabbi in MC, but I'm not sure. Waiting for confirmation. Going to bed soon so if I miss you I'll add you in the morning. Hope that's all right :)
  • Yep I'm just ninjarabbi, thanks.
  • Ninja, you're in. Sorry for the wait.
  • Couple of things: There's no beehives spawning in the overworld and a creeper wandered in and blew the clocks off the walls in central station.
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