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Takedown: Red Sabre

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So this reminiscent to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, a kind of methodical, tactical FPS, where you cover corners and angles to increase the success of your mission, and much less on the Counterstrike head clicking.

A good review here:

You die in one hit most of the time. Does not matter if he shot you in the body. If you get nailed with a high powered rifle you're dead, maybe you'll survive one bullet from a sidearm. Bullets travel though objects, you may survive a high powered rifle if the bullet travels through the wall to get to you. If you're standing too close behind a friend, a well placed shot will have the bullet travel through both, killing two in one. You can choose to carry more body armor, but it slows you down, meaning you can't take cover faster, and in this sort of game, that could be it. There's no such thing as bunny hopping, you do that and you get nailed immediately. There are no crosshairs as well.

Just from the gameplay I can tell just how bloody tense this game is, and it really brings back nostalgic memories back when I was playing the Tom Clancy series. Anyone thinking of checking this game out? It's such a refreshing difference to the modern FPS and counterstrike that I'm most definitely picking this up when it comes on Steam
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