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Convention Badges

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Convention season is almost over. NYCC and BurningCon are about to happen. After that, not much until MAGFest next year. Good time to take pics of your convention badge collection!


And now, just the PAX


Post yours! Can you beat me? Rym probably can if he has badges from those Katsucons I didn't go to, or Astronomicon or something.


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    Here's the ones in my room. Tomorrow I'll do a full search of the house. If adjusted for age, I might be able to beat you, Scott.

    These are the gems in the collection: Otakon 2013 with Yoko Kanno concert ticket and Anime Boston 2003.

    Sorry for shitty image quality, I cannot into pictures.
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  • Nope. I stopped collecting them when I realized they were really just clutter.
  • Here's my music festival staff wristband collection.

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    Most of mine are at my house, not here with me in my apartment. And I pretty much exclusively have Tora-Con and Otakon at this point.
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  • Most of mine are back in my bedroom at home, not here at my dorm. I'll snag a picture sometime.
  • My convention season is actually year 'round, but that's because I only go to a few per year. Anime Expo in July, PMX in November, Equestria LA in December, Anime LA in January. I'll take a picture of my badges once I dig em all out.
  • Supernova doesn't really do badges - at least, last I was there - nor have the other industry conventions I've been to or worked at. So, it's pretty much just my PAX AUS enforcer badge.
  • I don't have that many - a few Tora-cons, a few PAXes, a few NYCCs. But I'm young enough to still be called a punk kid, so I'm sure I'll catch up eventually. When you die.
  • Nope. I stopped collecting them when I realized they were really just clutter.
    I also am trying to get rid of clutter, but they take up hardly any space. The lanyards are what really get you.
  • I used to get a tshirt for every juggling festival or convention I performed at. Considering I never wear such tshirts, they just started stacking up. After thirty or so I stopped accepting them, but even now I have a massive stack of unworn tshirts. Thankfully I have plenty of space.

    I also have a box of juggling festival passes. It's a tradition at smaller conventions not to have a real laminated pass, just a thing on a string (plus a show ticket if there is one). The thing on the string can be easily copied or bought or replaced, but as such a convention is a day long and a community affair, nobody ever cheats their way in. So many passes are silly toys or puzzles.

    For longer conventions or festivals the pass is usually something custom made so not easily copied or replaced.

    For example, the British Juggling Convention passes for various years:


    So yeah, I have quite a collection of junk.
  • I don't know if Bristol or Perth wins.
  • I've got a ton but I definitely can't beat Scott. Bunch of PAX, NYCC, but also a few NY Toy Fair, Internet Week NY, some crap gaming hotel cons, and a few random events I went to while covering for MTV/Wired in my blogging days.
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    man my badges are scattered among all my stuff.. I probably have you beat Scott.
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  • Nope. I stopped collecting them when I realized they were really just clutter.
  • Holy hell you guys. Just...y' to a ruler. Get it over with. Ya know what I'm sayin'?
  • He's talking about penises.
  • An important lesson has been learned today: Don't use your RFID badges to access Twitter. NYCC staff took advantage of this.
  • I think I may beat most if not all of you. I would have to gather them up from photo albums and hangers.
  • image
    My beauties.
  • I only have two, Otakon 2008 and Fandomfest 2013. Digging them up would be a pain in my ass.
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