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GeekNights Tuesday - Neuroshima Hex!

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Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the best game to play while pooping: Neuroshima Hex! In the news, PS4 owners lose backward compatibility with headsets, and Yoshi's Cookie is being removed from the virtual console.

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  • You bishes and your poop talk.
  • It's poop season.

    Poop season culminates in the pooping holiday of the year, also known as Thanksgiving.
  • Poop season is everyday, sometimes even twice a day.
  • I am going to have to get back into Neuroshima Hex now that all of these extra armies are out. I mastered that game like 3 years ago when it was one of the first quality iOS board games, but I haven't played it in ages. The only time I remember playing was getting stomped by Scott while waiting for food at a restaurant a few months back. I was green and he was blue, and I drew just about every move and battle tile to start the game!

    I can't imagine playing this as a boardgame. I've seen it played at NerdNYC and it just did not look like much fun.

    Other thoughts on the episode:
    - Fuck Sony. They'll take any chance they can get to go proprietary. Buy their shit and pay the price. My wife bought a camera a while back: non-standard battery, non-standard USB cable (!), and of course, fucking Memory Stick instead of the tons of SD cards I have lying around.
    - Fuck Nintendo. You don't even realize how bad the Virtual Console situation is. The Wii U VC is a completely separate shop, where games need to be re-purchased, and there is barely anything in the store. That system is dead in the water. They need to release ALL THE GAMES.
  • There is no one standard rechargable battery for digital cameras. They all use weird ones, but at least there are generic options.
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    There is no one standard rechargable battery for digital cameras. They all use weird ones, but at least there are generic options.
    This was back in 2007, when most entry-level cameras did NOT come with a rechargeable battery. Every camera we had up to that point (and for a while after) ran off of our family's stock of rechargeable AAs, but not this little Sony abortion. It wasn't a feature, it was a way to get you to buy your spares and replacements from Mr. Sony.
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  • So this morning I realized there were three new armies in there. I'm probably late to the game, but I bought them right away. They are all really interesting. Well, the dark green one is less interesting and the bright orange "dancers" are the most interesting.
  • Did not know about this game, I'm not even in the toilet long enough to finish a duel so I play it on public transport.
  • I'm still learning this game... after a week I can beat the computer 90% of the time in a yellow vs. blue match on the hardest difficulty. Started up a game as green vs. red and lost 3 to 18.
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